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Piedmont Triad Landscapes-Preventing Weeds

February is the time to apply an application of pre-emergent herbicide (like Preen). This product kills any annual weed seeds from germinating, like chickweed. It works for about 3 months, so another application in May and another in July/August, because different weeds grow at different periods.

First, determine your enemy and then find the solution. If you have perennial weeds such as horserope or poison ivy, this product will not work. Hand pulling or the use of an herbicide like Round-Up need to come into play.

Annual weeds are plentiful in the Piedmont Triad Area. With a nice 3-4 inches of mulch, weed seeds will have a difficult time reaching the sunlight for photosynthesis. Another option is planting non-invasive groundcovers like, mazus, iberis, or creeping phlox, to name a few.

Purslane  in an annual weed growing close to the ground in the summer.

Below is another weed called spurge, with a more radiating growth habit, both are summer annual weeds.

Sorry to say, dandelions are perennial weeds and need to be hand-picked.

There is another solution! Hire someone to do it for you, 360 Landscape and Lawn Maintenance.

If you have a natural area in an open exposed location, weed seeds will want to put down their roots. Make sure it is mulched and incorporate some groundcovers. Don’t forget the pre-emergent herbicides for February, May, July/August (we know you are on vacation) to ensure weed-free beds.

Remember-What is weed is to some, may not be to another (consult the women of the home before eradicating please).

Happy Pulling and we’ll see you at the “Celebrating Mother Earth” Event in April

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