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Rustic Outdoor Flower Planter-Zone 7

Any container will work for an outdoor planter as long as it has holes for drainage. Below we have a vintage potato box from many years ago.

Trying to keep the integrity of this treasure, pond liner was stapled to the interior and holes were made in the bottom and sides.

The sides were planted with sedum and thyme. The empty spaces were filled with decorative moss.

Many different plants were installed; diamond frost (annual), catnip (herb), sage (evergreen herb), hibiscus (annual), sedum (evergreen), thyme (evergreen herb) and passion-flower vine (perennial).

Here it is after 2 weeks

To make the weight of this outdoor container manageable, place pine cones or styrofoam peanuts in the bottom half and then fill with soil. Make sure there are no air pockets for roots to dry out.

Not only is this a one of a kind outdoor planter, almost every plant has medicinal properties for our exotic feathered friends. Save the date June 26th 9-11am at Terragen Nurseries for a free workshop on medicinal and healing plants for you and your pet.

Feel free to send in your outdoor planters to publish on the blog. I know some of you have spectacular wheel barrow planters.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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