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Piedmont Triad Commercial Landscaping Projects

Landscaping companies are still installing landscape plans in this down economy. Are commercial and institutional properties taking the time to look at maintenance, mature size of plant material, or what this plant needs to survive? Study the landscape plan now before the $$$ leave your pocketbook. Check out Better Homes and Gardens on this issue.

Many, many projects are re-design. Why, plants have overgrown their spaces because the landscaping company did not know how this particular plant grew or what cultural requirements were needed to thrive (sun, shade, protection from wind, water, water and more water).

It is our job as landscape designers being able to identify plant material in the winter months. This is necessary when there are existing plants on the property and designing with keeping their integrity in tact.

We look at the shape of the buds, size, color, if they are alternate or opposite, like the one above. Also analyze plant form, bark (texture, color, lenticels or exfoliation), branching habit and seed pods, fruit or cones of the plant like the Fig Tree below

The nandina shrubs (planted very close to the sidewalk), will grow to 6 feet tall and spread to 4 feet, with the added nightmare of suckering where plants are not needed. A better selection would have been dwarf nandina, where no shearing or pruning is needed.

Designing the landscapes for commercial and institutional properties are looking at budget. It might look like a good idea to save the money up front, but in the long run, you will pay more. The property below has increased maintenance due to the column and post.

 It will take more time to trim the grass than it would be to turn it into a bed and install no maintenance evergreen groundcover. Remember, 75% of your public landscape should be evergreen. A better selection for this area could have been creeping sedum.

Landscaping companies don’t always consider the aesthetics of the landscape plan.  Below rip rap was used on a slope. This is used to stabilize the slope from erosion. We hope that they come back to install evergreen groundcovers, covering this utility rock.

Wendover Avenue is a highly visible with a large amount of traffic, not to be landscaped properly.

If you think hiring a landscape designer before calling a local landscape company will break the bank, look at all the future maintenance adding to he overall monthly costs. Do it right the first time.

Happy Planting!
Landscape Design and Installation

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Curb Appeal Updated at Maxie B’s

Business curb appeal should not be ignored. What is in the interior of your business should gently flow to the outdoors. Landscape design is an important factor in creating a positive first impression.

Because Maxie B’s offers wedding cakes and other sweet goodies year round, the curb appeal should also look good year round.

all 072

Curb appeal does not mean solely installing plants. Many other details make up an excellent first impression. Toule was added to the underside of the roof and a rustic trellis on the wall space.


Very earthy elements repeat the elements of the interior space.

all 078

The wall is the perfect spot for something special. A hand-made chicken wire trellis was constructed from cedar and other natural elements.


Because this is a small space, small details were addressed. The centerpiece vase was highlighted by the surrounding sea shells.


The colors used in this design were brown, cream, gold and white, with a touch of rusty red.


A no smoking sign was created with a piece of bark, gold beads, twine, moss and glue.


The sweet potato vine grows quickly, so it covered the chicken wire cone very fast.

Other plant material used were:


A glass wind chime was hung by the door for visitors to enjoy as they are walking through.

all 006

Several small details can make a giant impact. If you have a successful business on the inside, don’t you want to give the same impression on the exterior?

I had fun with this shabby chic and rustic design style.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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