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Leaf Removal Maintains Healthy Grass

Why are we spending time and money to remove leaves from our lawns and grassy areas in the Piedmont Triad? Because we have an abundance of annual weeds ready to germinate and reproduce at an explosive rate. Leaves not removed from grass areas are also destroying any healthy turf beneath. Proactive measures will save homeowners time and money in the long run.

  • Get the leaves off the ground quickly to provide your lawn with  crucial sunlight.  Leaves can accumulate and get wet, leading to mold growth and attracting pests.
  • Schedule a professional lawn care service at least a week in advance of when you want the leaves raked up. Most leaves should be down by late November or early December, call 360 Landscape and Lawn Maintenance. (they offer neighborhood discounts)
  • If your yard is near a street-side storm drain, check that area for leaves. Clumps of wet leaves after a heavy rain can prevent drainage, which can flood your yard, street or even a neighbor’s property.
  •  Raking is strenuous activity that can leave you with a sore back. Pace yourself and take frequent breaks.

An “annual” is defined as a plant that germinates from seed, grows to maturity, produces seed and dies within a 12 month period. Most annuals only live for half a year at best, with a few exceptions.

Annual weeds will either be “summer annuals” or “winter annuals”. Most winter annuals will germinate in late summer or fall, survive through the winter and grow quickly in the spring. The will produce seed and die by late spring or early summer.

Annuals die each year and must come back the following year from seed. To ensure their survival, most annual lawn weeds produce an enormous amount of seed. They are quite successful since annual weeds are some of the most abundant weeds on the planet.

Most lawn weeds don’t like competition, so a thick lawn turf is your greatest defense against weeds. Focusing attention on weed control without building a thick turf is a sure thing you will have continued weed problems. For lawns currently in poor condition, it may take a couple of years before you see a major reduction in lawn weeds. This is a process.

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