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Composting Branches for Fence Material

OK, so we are not talking a permanent fence, but one that is original with tons of personality. Have the neighborhood kids collect branches and twigs that have fallen from high winds or ice storms. When pruning trees and shrubs, save them for your new compost fence.

First, select a location where this type of fencing will not look out-of-place. We have chosen a spot by the water outlet, where the landscaping is more informal.

Decide how long and tall you would like the fence to be. You could work in reverse by accessing the sizes of existing branches and limbs on your property. Tamp in metal or wooden stakes to hold your material in place.

Have the kids start gathering all the branches and limbs from your landscape.

Start laying the material.

This is also an affordable idea for those who have a small rodent problem, perfect for a garden area.

Don’t waste time bundling up for curbside pick up when you can easily create a functional compost fence.

I know the green metal stakes stand out a bit. I will eventually cover them with bark from a tree. You can also use rusty re-bar or actual branches.

This type of fence is nice to hide garbage cans too.

Children can erect their own forts in no time by creating 3 sides and draping a tarp on top.

To dress the fence up……

install small plants at the bottom and

potted plants

This project really excites the children

The compost fence above has been planted with morning glory vine and black eyed susan vine. These vines completely hide the fence during the growing season.

Over time your fence will decompose and add wonderful black soil beneath. Just add more branches on top of the pile as this occurs.

Send me pictures of your fences……


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