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Wheel Barrow Container Gardening

Wheel barrows get beat up, dented and the tire usually falls off. Don’t throw this garden container away. If by some chance you do have a formal style landscape, then I advise  giving it away to a friend with a more organic informal landscape.

If there are no holes developed from rust on the underside, you will have to drill them. Just a few are needed.  Place the wheel barrow where it looks the best. Make sure it is not standing alone because this is not a focal point, just an accent piece. Fill the barrow with a mix of gravel, fine stones, and soil leaving about 2 inches.

I chose to insert large rocks for added interest until the plants completely fill in the area.

The plants are drought tolerant because I don’t plan on watering every day due to where I have located it. There is a mix of evergreen and deciduous plants. Those cascading over the sides are; creeping phlox, sage, potato vine and angelina sedum.

Make sure you have a variety of different plants just in case the site is not favorable to all plants. 3 Different low growing sedums were planted.

Verbena and periwinkle annuals were utilized to provide color all season long.

A 2 inch layer of mulch was applied and watered thoroughly.

The potato vine grew 6 feet spilling onto the ground below and rooting. It looked fantastic.

Wheel barrows blend in nicely with the landscape if there are taller plants  behind. Rudbeckia nitida is the yellow taller flower. The blooms are much smaller than the typical Black-eyed Susan perennials.

Have fun with your outdoor container gardening.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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