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Green Weddings are Gorgeous & Reusable

“Green Weddings” are much more than Bohemian, budget friendly, or tree hugging styles, which may be associated with the term. Green Weddings can easily add elements to a wedding where meaning, style, color, ethnicity can be incorporated into the event and be reused or have been recycled from somewhere else.

The existing Magnolia Tree growing at the bride’s parents home can provide much of the greenery needed for the ceremony.

I had the pleasure of speaking at The Perfect Wedding Guide Luncheon November 3rd in Winston-Salem, NC-Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts and also created “Green Centerpieces” with colors of red, white, black and green.

Perfect Wedding Guide is the resource forthe  newly engaged, those renewing vows or second marriages.

Other wedding vendors were also represented at the luncheon.

One easy and quick centerpiece starts with a large white pillar candle. Take a strand of your English Ivy and use hot glue to adhere. This will keep for several days without wilting.

If kept outside, it will last for 2 weeks

The candle was placed in a white bowl with sea shells (the couple may have met at the beach) and red foliage from Nandina shrubs placed around shells. Magnolia greenery was placed around bowl to soften the edges and more shells were scattered on the table. Click here to make Chocolate Treats using Magnolia Leaves.

Red begonia plants were placed in black bags and more Nandina foliage was inserted. The coarse texture of the begonia combined with the finer texture of the Nandina is a great contrast. English Ivy was wrapped around the bag.

A chili pepper plant serves as the centerpiece here. White mums growing in the landscape were cut and placed into the soil within the pot.

The pot was placed in a black bag and wrapped with English Ivy.

Elizabeth Larson loved the centerpieces and could not go home without photographing them for her clients:)


Here is a hanging basket created in the spring and used for a November wedding. Yes, that is real moss.

The chain was detached and the pot was placed in a pretty glass bowl. We used dogwood berries attached to floral wire,  adding  red accents

The hanging basket was brought indoors after the wedding and placed in a warm bathroom

Artist’s Way Creation’s Catering and Bakery provided a delicious meal and several desserts


Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts is a modern and cutting edge venue for that metropolitan woman and bridal party


Recently engaged gals, contact me regarding your centerpieces at Let’s see what plant resources you have to create your one of a kind tabletops!

Reserve a spot at our wedding workshop today and hear more about Green Weddings.

Happy Planting! DianaDigsDirt


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Medicinal Plant Workshop at Terragen Nurseries

We had a good turn out for the workshop and was able to beat the heat. Did you know that Rose Hips are high in Vitamin C?

The rose was discussed because several parts of the plant are useful.

The rose hips:

  • Anti-inflammatory-arthritis
  • Antioxidant/Flavonoids
  • Mild Diuretic
  • Cancer
  • VERY high in Vitamin C

The petals:

  • Antidepressant
  • Mild sedative
  • Antibacterial
  • Quercitin
  • Facial steam for dry skin

Sage, which is the purple spike flower, is used to treat Alzheimer’s Disease, high in beta-carotene and aids in treating migraines.

Hibiscus flower is a diuretic, mild sedative and cancer preventative because of the flavonoids

Below is the Passion Vine. In this region, it will cover an arbor or pergola in 2-3 months.

The flowers are gorgeous and have a light gardenia-like scent.

The vines and blooms can be dried and used to make tea. The benefits to drinking passion flower tea are:

  • Calming anxiety-mild sedative
  • Contains flavonoids-antioxident activity
  • Contains serotonin-aids in treating depression
  • Asthma

Below is the oregano plant or herb. This is a great choice for planters too. The entire dried plant can be used and good for:

  • Its antiseptic properties
  • Steam inhalation or congestion, sinus problems
  • Headaches
  • Anti-inflammatory-arthritis
  • High in Beta-carotene and Vitamin C, K and Calcium


Hibiscus is the beautiful yellow blooms below.

2 weeds I will cultivate are Nettle and Red Clover. Depending on your specific needs, think about harvesting beneficial plants to improve your health.

Please consult your family doctor and most books recommend pregnant women stay clear of all homemade teas.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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Shade Moss Hanging Basket Craft

If you have a shady and wooded area, most likely you have moss, especially in the moist areas. Take your shovel and skim off a thin layer.

Be sure to collect different types of moss for added interest.

A hanging basket with coconut liner was purchased and the moss layer was placed into the basket. The liner was then placed on top of the moss. I also found  old rusty mesh wire and placed around the top of the basket (tell you why in a minute).

We have an abundance of horse rope (a weed) which has incredibly strong vines. A few vines were cut and stripped of leaves. They were then intertwined throughout the planter and rusty mesh wire. The mesh not only helps secure the horse rope, it increases the soil acidity (great for moss).

The horse rope will provide areas to intertwine cascading plants (later on, rooting over much of the basket).

Some plants used were divided from my existing plants, our woods and purchased a few annuals for color.

Creeping jenny, ferns, pachysandra, green and white sedum, begonia, and impatiens.

These types of hanging baskets need water, EVERY DAY. They also need to be displayed in the shade.

The moss hanging baskets would make an excellent addition to an outdoor wedding ceremony, especially at winery’s! Even used as affordable centerpieces when chain is removed.

Happy Planting!


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Unique Outdoor Hanging Baskets

 Are you having problems with your coconut liners? Help is here.  This organic material decomposes rather fast, so just add more without the cost.

Any natural elements from your landscape would work. I have lined the metal form with bark and twigs.

I had some leftover decorative moss from my indoor projects and strategically mashed it in between the form and coconut liner.

Don’t worry about how strange or unprofessional it looks, this is just the beginning. Poke small holes in the coconut liner where pockets have been created with bark, twigs and moss and place small plants like creeping sedum.

When filling up your hanging basket with soil, remember to include pine cones, sweet gum balls or another lightweight natural element. They will decrease the weight of your hanging basket and also add nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.

Hanging planters can be developed in the same way and probably a little easier because of the shape.

Remember to work from the bottom of the planter by inserting small plants,  and alternating with soil and natural elements. Make sure the plant roots are covered with no air pockets so they will not dry out.

Sage and verbena work nicely in hanging planters and add color.

There are hundreds of variety of creeping sedum with different textures, colors and height, all being drought tolerate (this is what you want for your pots, hanging baskets and planters).

We have a mix of marigolds, verbena, artemisia, vinca, ivy, st john’s wort and sedum in the hanging basket below.

Most chains will rust, so keep an eye on them.

Hanging baskets, planters and pots need upright, cascading, and colorful plants for an outstanding display to WOW your family, friends and neighbors.

Happy Planting and make sure you visit Terragen Nursery June 26th for our Workshop on Medicinal Plants and Holistic Healing for Pets and People (details forthcoming).

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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