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Specialty Daylily Perennials at Cornerstone Garden

Strawberry Candy is a daylily available at Cornerstone Garden 414-B State Street. 3 distinct colors and the edges are ruffled. A very beautiful color for those who like warmer color palettes.

Daylilies are quite spectacular when planted in masses.

Little Grapette Daylily is a nice burgundy color. Combine this daylily with a plant of the same center color (yellow) and you have an amazing color combination. The other plant is Coreopsis (we also carry these).

Mini Pearl Daylily is shorter and could be used in the front of your border. It’s soft creamy apricot color is perfect when combined with purple colored flowers.

Moon Fleet Clematis and Powis Castle Artemesia work well with Mini Pearl Daylilies

Cornerstone Garden carries a red daylily called, Old time Rock and Roll

 Gorgeous red for those who enjoy the hot and spicy colors within their landscapes.

If you just love daylilies, plant several varieties and you will have blooms from May until September. Daylily perennials are easy plants and drought tolerate after the first year.

Happy Planting

414-B State Street 392.4031


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Medicinal Plant Workshop at Terragen Nurseries

We had a good turn out for the workshop and was able to beat the heat. Did you know that Rose Hips are high in Vitamin C?

The rose was discussed because several parts of the plant are useful.

The rose hips:

  • Anti-inflammatory-arthritis
  • Antioxidant/Flavonoids
  • Mild Diuretic
  • Cancer
  • VERY high in Vitamin C

The petals:

  • Antidepressant
  • Mild sedative
  • Antibacterial
  • Quercitin
  • Facial steam for dry skin

Sage, which is the purple spike flower, is used to treat Alzheimer’s Disease, high in beta-carotene and aids in treating migraines.

Hibiscus flower is a diuretic, mild sedative and cancer preventative because of the flavonoids

Below is the Passion Vine. In this region, it will cover an arbor or pergola in 2-3 months.

The flowers are gorgeous and have a light gardenia-like scent.

The vines and blooms can be dried and used to make tea. The benefits to drinking passion flower tea are:

  • Calming anxiety-mild sedative
  • Contains flavonoids-antioxident activity
  • Contains serotonin-aids in treating depression
  • Asthma

Below is the oregano plant or herb. This is a great choice for planters too. The entire dried plant can be used and good for:

  • Its antiseptic properties
  • Steam inhalation or congestion, sinus problems
  • Headaches
  • Anti-inflammatory-arthritis
  • High in Beta-carotene and Vitamin C, K and Calcium


Hibiscus is the beautiful yellow blooms below.

2 weeds I will cultivate are Nettle and Red Clover. Depending on your specific needs, think about harvesting beneficial plants to improve your health.

Please consult your family doctor and most books recommend pregnant women stay clear of all homemade teas.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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Healing Naturally with Plants-Free Workshop

Medicinal Plants and Holistic Healing Workshop for People & Pets

Plants have been utilized for centuries to heal ailments and treat wounds. Holistic healing is the practice of creating harmony in mind, body, emotion and spirit. By utilizing medicinal plants and holistic healing practices, we are becoming at one with nature in the purest sense, healing the natural way much like our ancestors.


    *Come and learn how to care, grow, and prepare your zone 7 plants for healing you and your pet. Hanging planters, pots, and raised beds can also be utilized. Diana Gardner-Williams of DianaDigsDirt BLOG will demonstrate and answer questions.

    *A talking feathered friend of Stephie’s Bird Shop loves eating healthy and natural fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs, which are good for their overall health.

    *Try walking meditation (this is great for high energy folks who cannot sit still) with Janet Nestor, Holistic Healer for a healthier mind, body, spirit and emotional state. Take the first step in your healing journey and learn the tools for a happier heart.

    *Our walking path will include Terragen Nurseries Inc. greenhouses and outdoor water gardens. Most plants demonstrated are available at the nursery such as; fruit trees, herbs, vines, tropical’s, ferns and perennials. David Miller will answer any questions.

    *Melody Anderson of Chadwick Insurance Group will provide refreshments and answer questions regarding Major Medical Insurance, Medicare or Health Reform.


Terragen Nurseries Inc

6201 Summit Ave ( at 150 and 29)

Saturday June 26, 9-11am

Join us if you or your pets are touched by Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Arthritis, Grief, Stress, Restlessness or Epidural Issues. We suggest consulting your general practitioner regarding medicinal plants before using.

Please RSVP to this FREE EVENT at 336.392.4031- Diana Gardner-Williams

If you have questions regarding landscape design, please bring photographs of your landscape and they will be addressed following the workshop.

Hope to see you there!


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Landscape Plants for Greensboro, NC

Greensboro and surrounding areas can enjoy a unique supplier of plant material, Terragen Nurseries, Inc.

They are located in Browns Summit. Just take 29 North to 150, make a left on 150, make a left on Summit Ave and you cannot miss Terragen Nurseries on the RIGHT.

You know I am a sucker for roses and they have plenty, even the double bloomers.

Knock out roses make excellent hedges

Yes, they have yellow knock out roses. They only require 6 hours of daylight.

These roses bloom from spring until frost with little maintenance. This is a perfect memory garden plant because of its hardiness.

Carolina jessamine vine to ramble over a fence, up a pergola, down a slope. This beauty is evergreen and the blooms are intoxicating in the spring.

Gorgous Grasses Too!!


This hot red mandavilla vine is the perfect choice for spanish style gardens or landscapes with other warm colors like; orange, coral, and yellow flowers.


Tropical plants like agave are offered at the nursery

Don’t forget the ferns for your shade gardens. They are also suitable as foundation plantings (some are also evergreen). Ferns add great contrast because of their unique textures.

Terragen Nurseries offer many varieties of palm trees.

Plant material as a sympathy gift is appropriate for bereaved families. Terragen nursery offers trees, shrubs, vines, tropicals, perennials, annuals, and indoor plants.

Stop by and I guarantee you will not find customer service more pleasant and you will leave with your hands full of goodies.

Thank you to our newest advertiser, David Miller for contributing to Just a Cloud Away, Inc. ™ Journal

Happy Planting

Diana Gardner-Williams


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