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Curb Appeal Updated at Maxie B’s

Business curb appeal should not be ignored. What is in the interior of your business should gently flow to the outdoors. Landscape design is an important factor in creating a positive first impression.

Because Maxie B’s offers wedding cakes and other sweet goodies year round, the curb appeal should also look good year round.

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Curb appeal does not mean solely installing plants. Many other details make up an excellent first impression. Toule was added to the underside of the roof and a rustic trellis on the wall space.


Very earthy elements repeat the elements of the interior space.

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The wall is the perfect spot for something special. A hand-made chicken wire trellis was constructed from cedar and other natural elements.


Because this is a small space, small details were addressed. The centerpiece vase was highlighted by the surrounding sea shells.


The colors used in this design were brown, cream, gold and white, with a touch of rusty red.


A no smoking sign was created with a piece of bark, gold beads, twine, moss and glue.


The sweet potato vine grows quickly, so it covered the chicken wire cone very fast.

Other plant material used were:


A glass wind chime was hung by the door for visitors to enjoy as they are walking through.

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Several small details can make a giant impact. If you have a successful business on the inside, don’t you want to give the same impression on the exterior?

I had fun with this shabby chic and rustic design style.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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