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Triad Wedding Planning/Design Services

DianaDigsDirt is a landscape design/build company assisting recently engaged couples with “GREEN” solutions for their wedding day. “Green” does not mean cheap, granola or tacky, simply, you are demonstrating a conscious effort to minimize individual carbon footprints. Fresh flowers can also be incorporated into “Green” Wedding Designs, adding special accents and touches not obtainable due to seasonal restraints.

DianaDigsDirt Wedding Services

  • Consulting-Designing-or Implementing of

Residential Landscape Wedding Ideas, creating an outdoor photogenic vignette for the bride and her maids reflecting colors, style, theme of the ceremony. Diana should be called at least one year prior to wedding date. This service is for those wanting a personalized outdoor scene for wedding photography, usually at the couple’s home or residence where she is preparing for the ceremony with bridesmaids.

  • Consulting-Designing-Implementing of

Green” Wedding Decor, Centerpieces, etc, by analyzing bride and groom residential landscape or those of family members to determine the possibility to create from existing plant material. This would include, plant foliage, berries, blooms, twigs, and grass plumes. If additional “Green” decor is needed, Diana can suggest installing certain plants to later on provide what is needed and what will grow on the property. We can also discuss including actual food within centerpiece design.


Fruits, nuts, various leaves and vegetables may add a conversation piece to  your special day



  • Wedding Venue for Landscape Enhancements

If the Wedding Venue Location is perfect, but could use additional color, with the permission of the venue, additional potted plants could be brought in and later taken home by the couple or whomever makes the purchase. Below are fabulous arrangements for tropical themes. Outdoor pots come in an array of styles, shapes and colors, click here.


Attend our free “Green” event and workshop demonstrating centerpiece creations.



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Dried Flower Design Wedding Bouquets-Personalizing

Adding personal touches to your wedding is highly encouraged in your flowers, favors, overall theme, or some other element, to impress your guests. Dried wedding flower bouquets were utilized in this Buffalo, NY wedding, not because of budget, but because of the reminder of how thoughtful her groom had been during courtship.

During the dating period, this bride-to be received fresh flower bouquets from her fiance and had hung them upside down to dry, after enjoying for a few days. During the courtship, enough flower arrangements were delivered to make beautiful wedding bouquets. They were used as the Bridal bouquet and bouquets for the bridesmaids too. this out-of-the box and “green’ idea was very intriguing for the guests with many inquiries.

The bridesmaids and bride-to-be gathered before the wedding to assemble with ribbons. this option provided additional money to be spent elsewhere within the wedding ceremony.

The bride was a designer, creative, and ingenious-also reflecting her personality.

This wedding bouquet alternative is not for everyone, but think about how you can add personality and personalization to your wedding ceremonies to create a day never to forget. With your creativity (or maybe with the help of a wedding planner) your day can be just as unique with the personal touches from the past.

join us at a free local event, “Celebrating Mother Earth in  Southeast Guilford” where vendors will be plentiful, helping you plan what “You” and your husband-to-be embrace in life. Also come to meet Divine WEddings and Beyond for all your wedding day needs.

Heppy Planning!

Diana Digs Dirt, your source for “Green” Wedding flower design


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Green Weddings are Gorgeous & Reusable

“Green Weddings” are much more than Bohemian, budget friendly, or tree hugging styles, which may be associated with the term. Green Weddings can easily add elements to a wedding where meaning, style, color, ethnicity can be incorporated into the event and be reused or have been recycled from somewhere else.

The existing Magnolia Tree growing at the bride’s parents home can provide much of the greenery needed for the ceremony.

I had the pleasure of speaking at The Perfect Wedding Guide Luncheon November 3rd in Winston-Salem, NC-Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts and also created “Green Centerpieces” with colors of red, white, black and green.

Perfect Wedding Guide is the resource forthe  newly engaged, those renewing vows or second marriages.

Other wedding vendors were also represented at the luncheon.

One easy and quick centerpiece starts with a large white pillar candle. Take a strand of your English Ivy and use hot glue to adhere. This will keep for several days without wilting.

If kept outside, it will last for 2 weeks

The candle was placed in a white bowl with sea shells (the couple may have met at the beach) and red foliage from Nandina shrubs placed around shells. Magnolia greenery was placed around bowl to soften the edges and more shells were scattered on the table. Click here to make Chocolate Treats using Magnolia Leaves.

Red begonia plants were placed in black bags and more Nandina foliage was inserted. The coarse texture of the begonia combined with the finer texture of the Nandina is a great contrast. English Ivy was wrapped around the bag.

A chili pepper plant serves as the centerpiece here. White mums growing in the landscape were cut and placed into the soil within the pot.

The pot was placed in a black bag and wrapped with English Ivy.

Elizabeth Larson loved the centerpieces and could not go home without photographing them for her clients:)


Here is a hanging basket created in the spring and used for a November wedding. Yes, that is real moss.

The chain was detached and the pot was placed in a pretty glass bowl. We used dogwood berries attached to floral wire,  adding  red accents

The hanging basket was brought indoors after the wedding and placed in a warm bathroom

Artist’s Way Creation’s Catering and Bakery provided a delicious meal and several desserts


Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts is a modern and cutting edge venue for that metropolitan woman and bridal party


Recently engaged gals, contact me regarding your centerpieces at Let’s see what plant resources you have to create your one of a kind tabletops!

Reserve a spot at our wedding workshop today and hear more about Green Weddings.

Happy Planting! DianaDigsDirt


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Wedding Landscapes for Brides and Venues

Is someone you know engaged? Will your house be utilized in a portion of the wedding ceremony? Does the wedding venue emulate your style? You are invited to hear DianaDigsDirt speak on the topic of your most lavish day, creating the ambiance of perfection!

Diana spoke at the Perfect Wedding Guide Luncheon Yesterday and invites you to attend

The next Divine Weddings and Beyond Event is November 18th, please join us.

6-9pm at the Emerald Event Center 

2000 East Wendover Ave

Information will be provided on how to select wedding vendors and tips for throwing the wedding event of the year by adding your personality to shine through re

ating the perfect wedding including: • Landscape design to create the perfect wedding atmosphere.

  • What to look for in a photographer and DJ and music performers.
  • Shedding those pounds before the big day!
  • Make-up tips for your wedding day, and everyday!
  • Planning the perfect honeymoon!
  • Personalize cakes, décor & food, reflecting their wedding theme
  • GREEN Weddings
Wine, Refreshments & Snacks, Complimentary Cake Tasting
Door Prizes, Bridal Workshop, Makeover with


Professional Photographs and more!



Join us November 18, 2010
for a relaxing evening


with some of the area’s top



wedding professionals.

ursday, November 18th
6:00 – 9:00 pm


at the Emerald Event Center

2000 E Wendover Ave • Greensboro, NC





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Shade Moss Hanging Basket Craft

If you have a shady and wooded area, most likely you have moss, especially in the moist areas. Take your shovel and skim off a thin layer.

Be sure to collect different types of moss for added interest.

A hanging basket with coconut liner was purchased and the moss layer was placed into the basket. The liner was then placed on top of the moss. I also found  old rusty mesh wire and placed around the top of the basket (tell you why in a minute).

We have an abundance of horse rope (a weed) which has incredibly strong vines. A few vines were cut and stripped of leaves. They were then intertwined throughout the planter and rusty mesh wire. The mesh not only helps secure the horse rope, it increases the soil acidity (great for moss).

The horse rope will provide areas to intertwine cascading plants (later on, rooting over much of the basket).

Some plants used were divided from my existing plants, our woods and purchased a few annuals for color.

Creeping jenny, ferns, pachysandra, green and white sedum, begonia, and impatiens.

These types of hanging baskets need water, EVERY DAY. They also need to be displayed in the shade.

The moss hanging baskets would make an excellent addition to an outdoor wedding ceremony, especially at winery’s! Even used as affordable centerpieces when chain is removed.

Happy Planting!


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$100 for Engaged Women of the Triad

Divine Weddings and Beyond™ are giving away $100 every month to one engaged woman of the Piedmont Triad Area.


Divine Weddings and Beyond™ are looking for wedding related retail shops to display these beautiful bags within their facility. The bags contain:

  • A Divine Weddings and Beyond™ Brochure
  • A Bridal Registration Card
  • And a drop slot on the front of the bag to insert Registration Cards for a chance at winning $100 cash

Suggested shops we are looking for (not limited to):

  • Diamond Jewelers
  • Wedding Gown Shops
  • Formal Wear
  • Tuxedo Shops
  • Wedding Venues (allowing outside caterers)
  • Wineries
  • Hair Accessories/Veils

This is a win/win/win. The bride could win $100/The retail shop could have one happy bride and have an additional link to the internet on dianadigsdirt-blog/and Divine Weddings and Beyond™ receive exposure with a professionally designed promotional piece.

The registration slips will be collected twice a month for a drawing once per month.

Let us market the chance to win $100 by telling our newly engaged couples where your store is located in order to register.  All you have to do is place the beautiful bag on a visible counter or we can construct a gorgeous shelf for your wall.

Our next Wedding Event is scheduled for

April 29th 5-8PM at the Emerald Event Center


Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test

More Information Regarding Wedding Fashion Show

See you there!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Divine Weddings and Beyond™

Landscape Design and Installation


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Piedmont Wedding Show for Friends

The wedding fashion show was free to the public and participating bridal vendors of the Piedmont Triad Area.


Divine Weddings and Beyond were happy to sponsor their first event, helping to raise money for Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test.


Divine Weddings and Beyond™ consists of:

We had the pleasure of having Stacia Harrington Photography document our event with gorgeous pictures.


The event consisted of:

  • Short workshops provided by Divine Weddings and Beyond™
  • Fashion show including wedding gowns, rehearsal dinner and bridal shower dresses, bridesmaid and mother of the bride gowns
  • Cake tasting
  • $3 glasses of wine
  • Door prizes including shrubs, make overs and more
  • A Grand Prize of $1000 worth of products and services for one lucky bride
  • Picture taking in a photo booth

Donations were collected at the registration desk for Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test.


The fashion show was made possible by the volunteer models and local bridal and consignment shops.


Smiles for everyone.


Fun, Fun, Fun.


Just Perfect.


What a beautiful bridesmaid.


The gowns were exquisite.


The models strolled through a custom designed arbor and adorned with plants, flowers and foliage for any wedding occasion. This permanent structure would complement most landscapes and used for many other festivities at the home.


Other vendors that made this event possible were:

We are looking forward to another successful event to raise additional funds for Friends.

April 29th at the Emerald Event Center

 from 5-8 on a Thursday evening

BRIDES, you don’t want to miss this grand prize, a princesses dream!

Those models interested in participating in our next wedding fashion show, please contact Nancy Briggs at

Those vendors interested in reserving a vendor booth, please contact Diana Gardner-Williams at

Those bridal, bridesmaid, mother of the bride, second marriage gowns and tuxedo shops interested in showcasing their merchandise, please contact John Haskins or Clayton Halls at or

Those wedding vendors interested in learning more on how to become a Divine Weddings and Beyond member, please contact Kari Sells or Betsy Goforth at, for more information.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Divine Weddings and Beyond™


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Breast Cancer-Photography-Landscaping Ideas

Divine Weddings and Beyond™ are looking for people in the Piedmont Triad Area interested in beautiful landscapes, magical photography, fine wine, wedding vendors, and brides.  Families touched by breast cancer are also encouraged to attend and pink will be one of the dominant colors of the event.

October 8th from 3-8pm Divine Weddings and Beyond™ are hosting a free event recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Donations will be collected at the door and the workshop, fashion show, cake and wine tasting will be well worth the drive to the Emerald Event Center, 2000 East Wendover Ave.

Landscaping is not something a bride typically thinks about the minute her boyfriend proposes. Just think, most brides get ready for the ceremony at the home of the parents, her home or another residence. The landscape outside this home can reflect the style, color or theme of the wedding.

antique 004

This photogenic backdrop or vignette is the perfect complement to a wedding reception held in an old world structure with wedding bouquets filled with ivory colored roses or hydrangeas.

I will demonstrate  how to use affordable tricks to enhance your backdrop so the photographer will not have to search high and low for the perfect ambiance. you will be surprised at all the things mother nature has to offer brides.

Garden wedding swags are incredibly easy to assemble and add such charm to trees, pergolas, lamp posts or columns.


The season of your wedding  has a large influence on decorations, flowers or themes. An autumn wedding could definitely utilize rusty colored toule, rich earthy flowers or foliage and berries of deep crimson.


I look forward to the Divine Weddings and Beyond™ Workshop and hope you will join us by wearing something pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. More information.

Happy Planting from Divine Weddings and Beyond™

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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Getting Married in Spring-Flower Colors

Where do most brides get ready before the wedding ceremony? Usually it is in the comfort of a home. If you plan ahead, the spring-blooming flowers within the landscape can compliment your wedding photographs.

If your bridesmaid gowns are a pale pink, try planting bulbs, shrubs, trees or perennials to compliment your bridesmaid dresses or wedding bouquets.



Pink azaleas come in so many different shades, you are bound to find a variety to match your bridesmaid dresses.


The Eastern Redbud Tree is fabulous in bloom. The flowers emerge before the foliage. What a delicate backdrop for your wedding photography.


Another great tree for spring blooms is the Yoshino Cherry Tree. This specimen tree has those fairy tale qualities many brides look for.


If the gowns are pale pink, purple landscape flowers are next to each other on the color wheel called harmonious or analogous colors. Creeping phlox below explode with color in the spring. Try laying on this perennial for a smashing wedding picture.



Ajuga is another beautiful spring-blooming perennial with purple spikes.


A soft salmon-colored gown is great for a spring bridesmaid dress.


Did you know that Daffodils come in colors other than white, yellow and orange? Daffodil bulbs to harmonize with salmon dresses are Vie en Rose, Elizabeth Ann, Fidelity, Salome, and Palmares.




Please consult with a professional landscape designer to determine exactly when the flowering plants bloom. Some are earlier than others and some have a longer bloom period.

Divine Weddings and Beyond will be hosting a Wedding Fashion Show and Workshop on October 8th 2009 at the Emerald Event Center from 3-8. This is a free event and donations will be accepted at the door for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I will be giving a workshop of how to spruce up your landscape to provide a gorgeous backdrop for wedding photography.

 Diana Gardner-Williams

Divine Weddings and Beyond™

Landscape Design and Installation


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Piedmont Triad Wedding Fashion Show

Piedmont Triad brides, bridesmaids and mothers of these beautiful brides  are invited to an event 1st of its kind, right here in Greensboro. Please review the invitation below. Yes, the grand prize is $1000 worth of products and services you will eventually need. The facility will be set up like an actual wedding to create the perfect ambiance for a wedding fashion show.


For wedding vendors and wedding publications-please RSVP ASAP. We ask that you arrive between 2:30 and 3 and bring businesses cards for your tables. Since many of you have products, feel free to carry a basket to distribute items to the brides. Please remember to bring a donation for Breast Cancer Awareness. Looking forward to a great event and meeting all of you!

More information located here. 

Diana Gardner-Williams

Divine Weddings and Beyond™

Landscape Design and Installation



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