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Cleaning with Herbs in Greensboro

Diana Digs Dirt, but cleans with Green-The Clean G

    Harness the power of nature to clean!  Blending essential oils with vinegar and a bare touch of a surfactant (to mix oil with water in a manner in which it will not separate), these cleaners are natural, safe and effective  Eco-friendly or “green” cleaning is a truly pleasant experience with the aroma-therapeutic properties of the essential oils.
Some of the cleaners I have tried are:

They are fantastic, especially for those touched by S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in the winter months. This type of aromatherapy can be enjoyed through the year.

The Clean G also offers beeswax candles. Couple of my favorites are Lavender Dream 

and Vitality

They firmly believe in the Reduce Reuse Recycle school of thought and work to decrease our consumption of packaging materials by buying in bulk as much as possible.
They reuse anything possible, including; shipping materials, packing peanuts and bubble wrap. If they cannot reuse something, they make every effort to Recycle it.

Nothing will go to the landfill that can be Recycled.

Thank you to The Clean G for supporting Just a Cloud Away, Inc.™ Journal


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