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Piedmont Triad’s Ugliest Landscape Contest-2009

If your front foundation landscape is on the ugly side, send those hideous pictures to me at Diana(sign for at) I will post the best of the ugly landscapes on the blog until August 31st. The best worst foundation landscape will win a free consultation with me for an hour of suggestions.


This is a great idea for homes on the market needing curb appeal or homes that are overgrown needing a face lift. Be brave and send in your neighbors eye sore landscape and do the community a favor.


If you are new to the area, we are in zone 7 and have a wonderful plant palette to choose from. Don’t be afraid to send in your photographs, I will keep them anonymous if you choose. Look at this line of liriope!!


If you are from my home town of Buffalo, NY and would like to enter your pitiful front foundation landscape pictures, feel free to do so. If you pay for my plane ticket, I will give you a free landscape consultation.

The guidelines for the contest:

  • Picture has to be submitted by August 31st 2009
  • Picture must be of a front foundation landscape (meaning, the plants along the front of the home)
  • Homeowner must own home
  • Homes must not exceed a distance of 20 miles outside Greensboro city limits
  • One entry per family

Submit pictures and let’s have some fun!!! ? Even runner ups will receive my 2 cents about improving their landscapes on the blog.

Our first picture comes from Donna G. in Thomasville, NC. It looks to me like the entire front foundation planting is missing. Good one Donna!

Front of house

We have another entry. I do have some landscaping ideas for this one.


This home was actually a neighbors. Don’t worry, I won’t tell them you have submitted the picture unless they win.


I really do love the color of this home.


We another ugly home contestant on the last day of contest. This is a neighbors home.


Happy Planting!


Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation

September 8th and the Winner of the contest is the home with the white fence with green shutters and awnings.

The first 3 and last home on this post are lacking in variety. They are simply boring and what will happen if this plant is a favorite of a particular insect. You are right, your landscape is demolished.

The fourth home sent in by Donna does not even have a foundation planting. A foundation plant bed is the area directly beside the front of the home. Grass is higher maintenance and they even have to get out the weed wacker since there is no plant bed in front of the home.

The fifth home is very symmetrical. I am thinking these plants were invited to join Noah on his ark. Several varieties of plants, but only 2 of each. The plants in front of the windows will eventually block the view. This is a potential safety hazard.

The seventh home lacks a foundation planting too.

The sixth home is definitely the winner. The foundation planting is not even clear because of the fence. Because this was a drive by shooting compliments of an unhappy neighbor, a close up picture couldn’t be taken. I have seen this home’s front foundation planting and it needs help. If they accept some advice is now up to them.

Watch out for more contests!!


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Greensboro Landscapes-Front Foundation Curb Appeal


The good, the bad and the ugly front foundation landscapes in Greensboro, NC. So I had some free time and decided to drive around beautiful Greensboro taking photographs of front foundation plantings adhering to principals and elements of good landscape design, those making an attempt, and gardens incredibly neglected. The beautifully landscaped home above gets an A+ from me.

Several photographs are of homes for sale and lacked curb appeal or any appeal at all. The housing market is not the best at the moment, so why wouldn’t you want your home to stand out from the rest. This can be done by investing some sweat and small amount of cash. Check out Affordable Curb Appeal suggestions. The home below has a dated an overgrown foundation planting. Shrubs covering the window cause a maintenance and safety issue, plus it looks bad.


If your home is in an affluent neighborhood and you are not ready to spend time or money in your front foundation plantings, clear out all the plants for a clean look. I would rather see a plant-free mulched area in front of a home than overgrown shrubs installed by Joe Smo Landscaping company without knowledge of principals and elements of good design. Besides, a potential home buyer may be excited to have a clean slate to work with enabling them to install plants they love. Here is an example of a beautiful home ready for a professional landscape design for the front foundation. This may appeal to new home buyers instead of seeing an overgrown landscape that needs work and many dollars


Your front door is usually the first thing potential home buyers look at. Keep it clean, easily visible with some color. The home below will have a difficult time selling their home because the buyer may not be able to get in the front door. No wonder they need a security system, someone could be hiding in the brush.


Try thinking like a potential home buyer and how excited you were to purchase a house that was in move-in condition. This includes the first impression of the front landscapes. Is your home ready for a fantastic first impression?

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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