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Diana Digs My Secret Garden-3


414 State Street, formally known as, “My Secret Garden”.

A beautiful weekend to work on State Street. Much was accomplished like tilling the front terrace and removing unwanted plants.

4×4 caps were placed on the posts for iron fence, where pots will be installed later.

Every inch of this location will be taken advantage of. Cracks in the sidewalk, stairs and wall will be planted with crevice plants (not weeds).

 Several cascading plants will adorn the brick wall and bloom at various times of the year. Bulbs, annuals and perennials will add to the splendor. There will be a few spots open for people to sit as well.

Needed a nice entryway planter filled with perennials, sedum, annuals and the grass on top is called Amazon Mist.

   2 “Burgundy Cotton” Crape Myrtles were installed by the fence.

The project was supervised by my son.

We are getting there and hope to have our Grand Opening April 30th (after our April 16th event), just in time for Mothers Day plants, gifts baskets and more!

 Happy Planting!

Landscape Design, Installations, Consultations and Speaking Engagements


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Healing Naturally with Plants-Free Workshop

Medicinal Plants and Holistic Healing Workshop for People & Pets

Plants have been utilized for centuries to heal ailments and treat wounds. Holistic healing is the practice of creating harmony in mind, body, emotion and spirit. By utilizing medicinal plants and holistic healing practices, we are becoming at one with nature in the purest sense, healing the natural way much like our ancestors.


    *Come and learn how to care, grow, and prepare your zone 7 plants for healing you and your pet. Hanging planters, pots, and raised beds can also be utilized. Diana Gardner-Williams of DianaDigsDirt BLOG will demonstrate and answer questions.

    *A talking feathered friend of Stephie’s Bird Shop loves eating healthy and natural fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs, which are good for their overall health.

    *Try walking meditation (this is great for high energy folks who cannot sit still) with Janet Nestor, Holistic Healer for a healthier mind, body, spirit and emotional state. Take the first step in your healing journey and learn the tools for a happier heart.

    *Our walking path will include Terragen Nurseries Inc. greenhouses and outdoor water gardens. Most plants demonstrated are available at the nursery such as; fruit trees, herbs, vines, tropical’s, ferns and perennials. David Miller will answer any questions.

    *Melody Anderson of Chadwick Insurance Group will provide refreshments and answer questions regarding Major Medical Insurance, Medicare or Health Reform.


Terragen Nurseries Inc

6201 Summit Ave ( at 150 and 29)

Saturday June 26, 9-11am

Join us if you or your pets are touched by Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Arthritis, Grief, Stress, Restlessness or Epidural Issues. We suggest consulting your general practitioner regarding medicinal plants before using.

Please RSVP to this FREE EVENT at 336.392.4031- Diana Gardner-Williams

If you have questions regarding landscape design, please bring photographs of your landscape and they will be addressed following the workshop.

Hope to see you there!


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Rosemary is a Valuable Landscape Plant

Rosemary is a great plant for xeriscaping or drought tolerate gardens. This perennial is native in the Mediterranean region, meaning, it loves dry and arid climatic conditions.

Rosemary is an evergreen herb with the potential of reaching a height and spread of 4′, typically 3 feet. It loves full sun and bears beautiful violet/purple flowers down its stems in early summer. This plant is a great addition to herb gardens, cottage style gardens or anyone wanting a wonderful fragrant shrub alongside a sunny walking path.

The long stems add unique texture to flower bouquets providing fragrance of its own. The stems can also be used as skewers. Simply cut a few stems 10 inches long and skewer  2 inch cubes of pork tenderloin cubes through them. I would marinate the cubes in olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper beforehand for a more intense flavor.

Rosemary grows extremely fast here in Greensboro, NC and can provide a quick hedge or low screening plant affordably. “Irene” is another variety of rosemary that is prostrate, making it a good choice to cascade over stone or brick walls in full sun.

Rosemary is the perfect choice for outdoor pots too. Below are only 2 rosemary plants, one per pot. They just love hot, dry locations.

Rosemary is such a versitile plant in the landscape and troublefree.

More good factors about using Rosemary in your landscape plans is the fact of being resistant to deer. Because the foliage is oily and quite sticky, deer tend to stay clear of this lovely plant.

Gather some Rosemary needles and place in a decorative sachets to give away as favors at your next garden party. 

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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Front Entryway Landscaping Ideas-1


Driving around Greensboro for an hour with my camera in hand, these are the few homes with wonderful front entryway plantings and some not so pretty.

The home above receives an A+ from me. Look at all of the interesting plants of different sizes, textures and function. Visitors to this home do not need to be in fear of something or someone jumping out of overgrown shrubs walking to the front door. There is no mistaking where the door is located because of the healthy low growing shrubs lining the driveway, guiding your eyes. Gorgeous pots are flanking the doorway and are correct size keeping in scale with the height of the house. Now look at the home below with outdoor pots flanking their front door. Yes, I thought the same, too small. I am not a big fan of the plant selection for the front door entryway. I believe this is one area to really make your home stand out from the rest for curb appeal .


The home below is showing some interest with the entryway plantings. You definately know where the front door is located because of the change in height of plant material. The landscape could use more coarsely textured plants adding even more interest and curb appeal. This is a very safe and appealing entryway garden and it would feel comfortable and inviting to walk this path.


Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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