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Landscape Designs, Plans or Recipes Save Money

Many homeowners enjoy outdoor living areas and take pride in doing the work themselves. Within time, it is realized that incorrect plants are used, drainage issues were not addressed or high maintenance plants were installed. Planting your landscapes correctly the first time would save money and hard work.

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Professional landscape designers are well-educated with a great knowledge of plants, drainage and hardscapes. Just like interior design, landscape designers apply design elements and principles in order to create an aesthetic and cohesive landscape. Some of the elements and principal include; unity, focal point, repetition, color, texture, balance and proportion.

The best part of a landscape design or recipe is the suggested phases. Usually homeowners cannot afford to implement the entire plan, so the design would offer affordable phases to be completed within one to two years.

plan2-c Landscape Plans include; plant key, phases (the sequence of implementation), lighting, materials and other notes specific to the project.

Some suggestions from a landscape designer could be installing deciduous trees with height that is proportionate to the home and within the southeast area providing shade during the hot summer days. Tall evergreen plant material could be installed on the northwest side of the home to act as a wind break from cold winter wind. If you plan to sell your home in the near future it is a good idea to install 75% evergreen plant material in the front foundation bed. This ensures your residence will have curb appeal during any month the home goes on the market.

A good landscape design should incorporate family wants and needs, provide year round interest, address existing site conditions and apply design elements and principals for an aesthetic and livable landscape.

Come meet Landscape Designer Diana Digs Dirt at 414-B State Street in Greensboro Thursday-Saturday from 11-3:30 or she can be reached at 392.4031.



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DianaDigsDirt for LIFESPAN

Donations from Landscape Consultations, Master Landscape Plans and Landscape Installation projects will go directly to LIFESPAN’S Horticulture Department between the months of December and March, 2010-2011. Services from DianaDigsDirt includes residential and institutional needs.


LIFESPAN  transforms the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities by providing education, employment, and enrichment programs that promote inclusion, choice, family supports, and other best practices. Read President/CEO, Leigh Derby’s message.

For 1 hour Landscape Consultations-value-$100, with LIFESPAN receiving 50%

  • General landscape issues- a questionnaire with approximately 25 questions are to be answered and returned prior to appointment. Diana will then gather appropriate color pictures and ideas to present at the meeting. For example; pets, style of home, maintenance, deer, drought, orientation of home


  • Wedding consultations (residential)-  a separate list of questions is to be answered and returned prior to the appointment. These types of hourly consultations are perfect for brides wishing to create  outdoor scenes the day of the wedding within the landscape where wedding party is preparing for the ceremony reflecting heritage, personality, or style. Also for Budget Brides, Green Weddings or Do-It-Yourselfer’s (DIYer’s). Grow your own greenery, bouquets, and outdoor ornamentation


  • Wedding consultations (wedding venues) a separate list of questions would need to answered and returned  prior to appointment. Consultations will include areas needing improvement, creating year round interest of neutral color as a backdrop for any wedding ,underdeveloped areas, increasing the number of wedding bookings and suggesting ideas to compliment the existing structure.


  • Memory garden- a separate list of questions to be answered and returned before consultation, including residential and institutional. Memory gardens don’t necessarily contain ashes of the loved ones, but provides a special place for reflection on one’s property, school, church, etc.

 Master Landscape Plans/Recipes-range from $450 and up with LIFESPAN receiving a percentage

  • Landscape Plans/Recipes are required for large properties where DianaDigsDirt will install the plan
  • Landscape Plans/Recipes are the perfect gift for Do-It-Yourselfer’s (DIYer’s) and will save money in the long run. Most landscape designers are hired after a “Landscaper” installed a property for the “Cheap” several years prior.

Landscape Installation-LIFESPAN will receive a percentage of all phases taking place between the months of December 2010-March 2011, this could include


  • Plantings
  • Hardscape-stone, brick, pea gravel, boulders
  • Woodwork-fences, pergolas, arbors, trelliswork, gazebos, decks
  • Water Features-fountains, ponds, streams, pools

Detail is the 4th D of DianaDigsDirt with a love of Detail

Hope to hear from you


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Landscape Designs and Plans-Saving Money

If you do not have a landscape plan then you have disposable income. Those that do not have extra cash to spend should obtain a landscape design to save time and money. The other night on HGTV the #1 landscape mistake of homeowners was stated not having a landscape design or plan. This is a relatively small investment considering what you could spend on incorrect plants, placement and other issues within your gardens.

Think about how a food recipe works. The recipe calls for certain ingredients, combined in a particular sequence and placed in the appropriate oven setting. Following the instructions will result in a successful and tasty end result. This is basically how a landscape plan or design functions. The property is surveyed for appropriate dimensions, plants are proposed (with the mature size and function in mind), soil and mulch are calculated, stone, wood and other materials are based on the survey and phases are suggested to begin your beautiful landscape plan. Other issues that are addressed are drainage, grading, low-level lighting and irrigation.

Landscape plans and designs are needed to execute installation giving you, the “Do It Yourselfer” or a landscape company a recipe to follow. This landscape plan can be installed over a period of several years. Winter and summer months are a great time to have a plan drawn up by your landscape designer and start the grading, drainage, irrigation, stone or brick patios and decks or pergolas. This is also an appropriate time to bring in composted topsoil and top-dress with mulch, preparing the site for plant installation at a later date. Spring and fall months are perfect for plant installation.

Leave the design of your property to a professional landscape designer. Do you really want to spend time planting the same area over and over again after deer demolished them, the plants grew too large, they werent’ drought tolerate or you didn’t realize your drain pipes were going to flood your flower beds. Not only will a professional plant appropriate plants, but your entire property will have unity connecting each part to the next. A visual work of art upon the very property you come home to each day.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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