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Why Schedule a Landscape Design Appointment

DianaDigsDirt Landscape Consultation Process

After the client answers a 25 question survey, an appointment is set. Diana prepares for a brief presentation with ideas generated from the questions and may bring color copies of appropriate landscape spaces from analyzing questionnaire.

If after a 1 hour landscape consultation, notes are taken by DianaDigsDirt and given to client. If we feel a design is needed because of the scope of work, the consultation fee is subtracted from the landscape plan.


 The landscape plan can start immediately after the consultation by plotting (taking measurements) of your house (if homeowner cannot provide a survey), existing trees and plant material to remain, outdoor structures, driveways, and usually takes another hour.

Diana returns to the office and begins drawing the base map on vellum, for which the design will be drawn from.

The utility companies are called, locating underground lines and marked with various colors of spray paint. She then takes a quick drive by to ensure design stays clear of underground lines.

Design is drawn reflecting mature size of plants, blueprints are made and plan is rendered. Upon presentation, additional color copies are presented giving homeowners a better feel of the final vision. In the general notes section, phases are suggested if the entire project cannot be completed in one season. The general notes section could include wood stain/paint colors, weed prevention plan, bulb planting, etc. These details also help if homeowners will install themselves.

Landscaping companies have their place in our community as do Landscape Designers. Most designers have gone through schooling of plants, design, construction, ecology and history. The plant education alone is very intense, where landscape designers can identify plant material in the winter months, hence designing can begin in late winter.

A one hour consultation by a landscape designer will save money in the long run, as stated by The Home and Garden Television Network. They educate homeowners on selection of plant material appropriate for the space, whether an erosive location, drainage issue, sun or shade, privacy, safety and so on. They also add the factor of aesthetics into the equation. 

Landscape designers look at underground utilities, family life, pets, wildlife problems and determine plant material to be installed conducive to hours per month the family would like to “work” in their landscapes. 

Call for a consultation and save yourself money one can spend elsewhere (consultations are $100)


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Curb Appeal Updated at Maxie B’s

Business curb appeal should not be ignored. What is in the interior of your business should gently flow to the outdoors. Landscape design is an important factor in creating a positive first impression.

Because Maxie B’s offers wedding cakes and other sweet goodies year round, the curb appeal should also look good year round.

all 072

Curb appeal does not mean solely installing plants. Many other details make up an excellent first impression. Toule was added to the underside of the roof and a rustic trellis on the wall space.


Very earthy elements repeat the elements of the interior space.

all 078

The wall is the perfect spot for something special. A hand-made chicken wire trellis was constructed from cedar and other natural elements.


Because this is a small space, small details were addressed. The centerpiece vase was highlighted by the surrounding sea shells.


The colors used in this design were brown, cream, gold and white, with a touch of rusty red.


A no smoking sign was created with a piece of bark, gold beads, twine, moss and glue.


The sweet potato vine grows quickly, so it covered the chicken wire cone very fast.

Other plant material used were:


A glass wind chime was hung by the door for visitors to enjoy as they are walking through.

all 006

Several small details can make a giant impact. If you have a successful business on the inside, don’t you want to give the same impression on the exterior?

I had fun with this shabby chic and rustic design style.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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Decorating Gourd Craft for Kids

Birdhouse gourds, a rainy day, bored children and leftover craft supplies can create a one of a kind piece of art. A fun craft for kids and adults.


Birdhouse gourds are as easy to grow as pumpkins. They do require a great deal of space because they yield several gourds per plant.


The gourds need to sit in a cool, dry location. When you can hear seeds rattling, they are ready to craft and decorate.


I never throw anything away and love to decorate with elements of my past or anything with significant meaning in my life. I used to collect stamps as a hobby with my father and never knew what to do with all of these treasures.


This birdhouse gourd will sit in my old world style room, so the stamps will add to the richness.

Purchase decoupage at your local craft store and start adhering to gourds. since I am an avid scrapbooker, I have torn antique scrapbook paper for the background.


Antique scrapbook stickers were also used to embellish the gourd.

Older photographs were inherited and my mother and father are now integrated into my decor.


Tearing the pictures makes it much easier to adhere.


Piano music books were handed down from my great Aunt who used to compose and perform in the early 40’s in Buffalo, NY lounges and bars.


Flowers from my garden were pressed and dried and adhered to the gourd. I also have a suitcase full of costume jewelry from over the years. One gold strand was wrapped around the stem. Ribbon and yarn also adds to the piece.


Ribbon and yarn adds more dimension to the piece.


A very unique accessory to display in an old world or shappy chic style room.


Have fun with your gourds and plant them now.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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