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Cornerstone Garden’s 1st Day Open

Cornerstone Garden- 414 State Street in Greensboro had a great first day.

Our hours are

Tuesday and Wednesday 10-5

Thursday and Friday 10-7

Saturday from 8-4

We are not open when it is raining, but you can call for an appointment, 392-4031

Come see us for something unique!


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Reusable-Recycled-Ravishing Wedding Centerpieces

“Green” wedding centerpieces are gaining popularity because of dual purpose, looking fantastic on tabletops and either giving plants away to guests or bride and groom keeping them for planting within their residential landscapes.

Colors for the wedding were red, black, and white. Green is almost always included because of plant foliage. Most of the terrace tables were square, so while working on the tabletop prototype, white craft paper was utilized, red crayons and a personalized stamp was created to decorate paper.

Annuals used in the centerpieces including, begonias, impatiens, diamond frost, and periwinkle. Perennials used were caladium, ferns, liriope, creeping jenny and hardy begonia.


English ivy was a ground cover used in the centerpieces and at the base of the brides bouquet, cut from the landscape.

The brides maids bouquet and groomsmen boutonnières were unified by incorporating southern magnolia foliage pruned from the landscape.


Sweet pea tendrils were also designed into the boutonnières, adding unique texture (cut from the landscape).

What a beautiful venue for a wedding! Thank you for including me Tonya and Jeff


Memories are treasured and are always with us………


There are many ways to “think green” and personalize when planning a wedding! Call me for a consultation today.


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Cleaning with Herbs in Greensboro

Diana Digs Dirt, but cleans with Green-The Clean G

    Harness the power of nature to clean!  Blending essential oils with vinegar and a bare touch of a surfactant (to mix oil with water in a manner in which it will not separate), these cleaners are natural, safe and effective  Eco-friendly or “green” cleaning is a truly pleasant experience with the aroma-therapeutic properties of the essential oils.
Some of the cleaners I have tried are:

They are fantastic, especially for those touched by S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in the winter months. This type of aromatherapy can be enjoyed through the year.

The Clean G also offers beeswax candles. Couple of my favorites are Lavender Dream 

and Vitality

They firmly believe in the Reduce Reuse Recycle school of thought and work to decrease our consumption of packaging materials by buying in bulk as much as possible.
They reuse anything possible, including; shipping materials, packing peanuts and bubble wrap. If they cannot reuse something, they make every effort to Recycle it.

Nothing will go to the landfill that can be Recycled.

Thank you to The Clean G for supporting Just a Cloud Away, Inc.™ Journal


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Decorating Pumpkins with Plants

Think “Green” and outside the box when decorating your holiday pumpkins this year.

Select a pumpkin of your liking and a few 1 gallon plants you feel would make a great hairpiece. I chose Selginella , which is also called Spike Moss. This is nice and dense.

Send the kids outside to gather nuts of various sizes and colors. Grab some pine needles too.

Carve out a nice round section on the top for your 1 gallon plant. Don’t forget to water, because you will be able to plant within your garden when the pumpkin shrivels up.

I chose black walnuts for the eyes and a pecan for the nose. The lashes are obviously pine needles.

Place her into your landscape where all can enjoy. If you have grown chili peppers, they are still producing, so one was placed at her mouth.

If you have grown chili peppers this season, they are still producing, so one was placed at her mouth. To dress her up a bit, daisy’s were added to her hair. These are not Shasta Daisy’s, they are already finished blooming. Nipponanthemum nipponicum is a fall blooming flower, the common name being Montauk daisy.

Many plants are suitable for this easy craft  project. If you know of a budget bride or DIYer kind of gal, planted pumpkins would make a beautiful centerpiece too.

Happy Planting!


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