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Reusable-Recycled-Ravishing Wedding Centerpieces

“Green” wedding centerpieces are gaining popularity because of dual purpose, looking fantastic on tabletops and either giving plants away to guests or bride and groom keeping them for planting within their residential landscapes.

Colors for the wedding were red, black, and white. Green is almost always included because of plant foliage. Most of the terrace tables were square, so while working on the tabletop prototype, white craft paper was utilized, red crayons and a personalized stamp was created to decorate paper.

Annuals used in the centerpieces including, begonias, impatiens, diamond frost, and periwinkle. Perennials used were caladium, ferns, liriope, creeping jenny and hardy begonia.


English ivy was a ground cover used in the centerpieces and at the base of the brides bouquet, cut from the landscape.

The brides maids bouquet and groomsmen boutonnières were unified by incorporating southern magnolia foliage pruned from the landscape.


Sweet pea tendrils were also designed into the boutonnières, adding unique texture (cut from the landscape).

What a beautiful venue for a wedding! Thank you for including me Tonya and Jeff


Memories are treasured and are always with us………


There are many ways to “think green” and personalize when planning a wedding! Call me for a consultation today.


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Planning a Wedding in the Piedmont Triad

If you aren’t using a wedding planner, it’s important to stay on track while planning the wedding. There is an ideal order hiring your wedding professionals.

Stated in the Summer 2009 issue of Perfect Wedding Guide, here is the first hiring tier to begin planning your wedding

  • Ceremony site
  • Reception site
  • Reserve hotel rooms for out of town guests
  • Select photographer
  • Select videographer
  • Select disc jockey, musician or band
  • Shop for wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses
  • Select hair and makeup artist and schedule a trial run when your headpiece arrives

I would have to add another vendor in this first tier hiring, a landscape designer.

  • Will you take pictures at a home and is there a photographic vignette for the backdrop?
  • Would you like flowers within the landscape to compliment bridesmaid dresses?
  • Would you like to grow flowers or flower petals to pick for the flower girl?
  • Would you like to create fresh bouquets for centerpieces from your garden?


  • Would you like flowers from your own landscape to toss as you end the ceremony or rehearsal supper?
  • Would you like free and fresh greenery swags for the wedding?


Even if you are not having a garden wedding, there are so many ways a landscape can work for your special day. If the landscape designer is contacted 12-18 months in advance, a spectacular display of flowers can provide a picturesque scene for wedding photos.


It would be advised to have a one hour consultation with a landscape company who can suggest well in advance what will work for your wedding day.


Good luck with your wedding ceremony and happy planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation

Divine Weddings and Beyond™


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Fresh Greenery for Wedding Decorations

Weddings, rehearsal dinners and outdoor bridal parties are all events needing decorations reflecting the essence of the wedding. This can be done with color, texture, flowers, hobby or another unique element of the wedding while using fresh greenery.

Fresh greenery is an affordable way to incorporate earthy elements and dress up the landscape, while having fun. Below on the front of the pergola hangs fresh greenery consisting of 4 plants; scotchbroom, magnolia, pink yarrow and oak leaf hydrangea.


These plants are simply tied together with twine and hung on the pergola with string and bound with pink ribbon on top.


These are great decorations for the homes where out of town guests will be staying too.


If you would like to decorate for the rehearsal dinner or before, look at the same fresh greenery 3 days after being in 90 degree whether here in Greensboro, North Carolina.


The trick is to combine different textures so there is an obvious contrast. Foliage from evergreen plants hold up quite nicely for days. The oak leaf hydrangea flower is very durable as well.


Fresh greenery for your weddings and other parties can be attached to candle holders, trees, pergolas, fences and doors.


Take inventory of the plants your family, friends and neighbors have before you plan the outdoor decorations. Iwould strongly suggest foliage from magnolias, pine, holly, scotchbroom, helleborus, lavender, osmanthus, rhododendron, ligustrum, gardenia, cypress or eleagnus.

When you have selected what plants you are going to use, incorporate elements of the wedding into them. Adding ribbon the color of the bridesmaid gowns, string seashells into the greenery for a beach theme wedding or glue craft butterflies onto them if releasing butterflies at your wedding is planned.


Fresh greenery is one element worth spending time assembling. Another idea is to have someone else put them together for you. Brides have enough on their plates.

I am just a phone call away to help you with your wedding decorations and photogenic landscape.

Divine Weddings and Beyond™!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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Helping Homeowners Give Garden Weddings

Are you getting married and having the service at your home or your parents? I am so excited for you!! There is nothing like a garden wedding on familiar ground either where you grew up, going to spend the rest of your life, or even at a close friend’s home. I had the honor of giving my girlfriend’s wedding at our home years ago.

I would love to consult with you on sprucing up your landscapes for the big day. Plants have many functions and depending on when your ceremony will take place, we can create for optimal color for the occasion.

My girlfriend and her husband were married in August, so many annuals in pots were utilized. An extra dose of fertilizer was provided in July for an extra boost just before there ceremony. The black-eyed susans, coneflowers, roses and mandavilla vines created a colorful area were they exchanged vows.

I had constructed an informal pergola using cedar trees, 2-3 inches in diameter. This was the perfect rustic look for their wedding. My girlfriend was raised in the New Orleans area, so spanish moss was draped over the pergola providing a touch of home.

Her husband is from Russia and to make him feel more comfortable the wedding officiant, Reverand Doctor Susan Kennedy of Perfect Circle Weddings included touches of home included in the personalized script. Not only did she personalize their ceremony, she kept on a smiling face and positive attitude during the light rain. Many umbrellas were used but no one minded.

Have a wonderful wedding and happy planting!!

Diana Gardner-Williams


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