Cornerstone Garden Shopping on State Street

20 Nov

2012 Inventory for Cornerstone Garden(formerly, My Secret Garden) includes; jackets, aprons, clothing, jewelry, soaps, pottery, handmade cards, garden art, glassware and plants. Hours of operation are listed below.


Dressing in layers is the way to go in North Carolina.


Some of the clothing lines we carry are; Comfy USA, Neon Buddha, Surrealist, Prana and more. Our clothes are machine washable and timeless. If you like interesting detail, come and take a peek.




We have jewelry ranging from $7 to $45, what a great deal. Come and get those stocking stuffers for the special women in your lives.



Aren’t these just fabulous! What a statement.


Beautiful beads, stones and bling.



This jacket looks amazing on.


Perfect shirt for all the holiday parties.


If you are the artsy type, these clothes are for you. Get creative!

 Cornerstone Garden by Diana Digs Dirt is open Thursday through Saturday from 11-4pm or by appointment for landscape design and installation, 392.4031. Gift certificates are available for landscape design consultations too.


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One response to “Cornerstone Garden Shopping on State Street

  1. Diane Wise

    December 3, 2012 at 12:29 am

    Hi Diana,

    I did notI have an email address for Diana Digs Dirt, so I sent this to Just a Cloud Away.
    Thanks so much for trying Lana out, She is quite creative and a really sweet lady.

    She left a message on my machine last night that she received notice her mother is failing rapidly. She flew out to Nevada this morning and asked me to contact you.

    She purchased a one-way ticket, not knowing what to expect when she got there.

    I know she will understand if you have to hire someone else, but she is not sure when she will return. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything.

    Thanks again. So good to see you. You look beautiful, by the way!




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