Chihuahua Rescue at Cornerstone Garden-2011

20 Nov

Donations were accepted for the Chihuahua Rescue and Transport in exchange for purple iris plants. These beautiful plants are being given away to make room for a new open air farmers market in March of 2012 at Cornerstone Garden by Diana Digs Dirt (formally, My Secret Garden).


Many visitors came to Cornerstone Garden by Diana Digs Dirt (414-B State Street) to love on the Chihuahuas, pick up their plants, give a donation and take advantage of the 20% deal on all clothing lines within the boutique.


Holiday music, great weather and adorable dogs made the perfect afternoon for me and for others.


Chihuahuas sometimes have the stereotype of being squeaky or yippee barking dogs and many are not. Sparky, who I foster is loving, calm, low maintenance and hardly ever barks. He is great with kids because my 7-year-old lugs him around like a sack of potatoes.


Some are just looking for a small place in your home to live out the rest of their lives. Many have been abused and need a second chance. Below is a Chinese Crested looking for a home too.

The Red Hat Society gave a generous donation after their tea party at The Secret Tea Room next door. Thank you ladies and come back any time, you all looked fabulous!

Thank you to Eclectic by Nature and The Secret Tea Room for your donations as well. A special thank you to Teri of Reidsville who always attends State Street Shoppes events to support our business community. Thank you Beth for your contribution and filling Cornerstone Garden with beautiful upcycled garden art.


Photography by Linda of Clothes Befitting who fills Cornerstone Garden interior boutique with the most gorgeous, timeless and classic clothing, shoes and jewelry. You’re the best Linda!


Carla heads up the Chihuahua Rescue and I would be happy to dig up more Iris plants for the Chi’s!


See you soon…….Diana Digs Dirt-your landscape designer


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