Cornerstone Garden’s Winter Blooming Camellias

17 Nov

Winter and Fall Camellias for $27 have just arrived at Cornerstone Garden 414-B State Street in Greensboro. We are open Tuesday-Saturday 11-4 and would love to show you all the beautiful evergreen camellias. Below is a variety called, Yuletide and started blooming early November and will continue into Christmas (if conditions are ideal). This shrub or small tree can be planted in a foundation bed, natural area or very large pot. “Live” or “Green” holiday plants keep on “Giving”.

Yuletide Camellia is a must have for the holidays and could be placed at your front entrance for visitors to admire before planting in the ground. They also make great gifts!


Below is a variety of Camellia called “Jean May” and is spectacular with its shell pink color and ruffled petals for a semi-double bloom, resembling a rose. Jean May needs some shade and is the perfect selection for espalier.

The Camellia shrub below is another specimen called “Autumn Spirit”. The flowers are in the peony form and the fuchsia pink coloration makes it an ideal fall bloomer accented with white garden mums or asters planted at its base.

Stephanie Golden Camellia (featured below) is a hot pink, semi-double upright-growing shrub with blooms from October through November and possibly December.

Survivor is the perfect plant for moonlight or memory gardens because of the single white flowers appearing in autumn.


Survivor is a tall camellia with the potential of reaching 25 feet.

Camellias benefit from good soil and some shade. All varieties of Camellia shrubs should be pruned on tax day or April 15th and fertilization 2-3 times per year beginning in spring after the first flowering session.

Happy Planting

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