Decorating Pumpkins with Plants

27 Sep

Think “Green” and outside the box when decorating your holiday pumpkins this year.

Select a pumpkin of your liking and a few 1 gallon plants you feel would make a great hairpiece. I chose Selginella , which is also called Spike Moss. This is nice and dense.

Send the kids outside to gather nuts of various sizes and colors. Grab some pine needles too.

Carve out a nice round section on the top for your 1 gallon plant. Don’t forget to water, because you will be able to plant within your garden when the pumpkin shrivels up.

I chose black walnuts for the eyes and a pecan for the nose. The lashes are obviously pine needles.

Place her into your landscape where all can enjoy. If you have grown chili peppers, they are still producing, so one was placed at her mouth.

If you have grown chili peppers this season, they are still producing, so one was placed at her mouth. To dress her up a bit, daisy’s were added to her hair. These are not Shasta Daisy’s, they are already finished blooming. Nipponanthemum nipponicum is a fall blooming flower, the common name being Montauk daisy.

Many plants are suitable for this easy craft  project. If you know of a budget bride or DIYer kind of gal, planted pumpkins would make a beautiful centerpiece too.

Happy Planting!


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3 responses to “Decorating Pumpkins with Plants

  1. Dee

    September 30, 2010 at 1:02 am

    Very cool! After raising four kids, I’m worn out with Jack O’ Lanterns, but this pumpkin chick is inspiring!


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