Shade Moss Hanging Basket Craft

26 Jul

If you have a shady and wooded area, most likely you have moss, especially in the moist areas. Take your shovel and skim off a thin layer.

Be sure to collect different types of moss for added interest.

A hanging basket with coconut liner was purchased and the moss layer was placed into the basket. The liner was then placed on top of the moss. I also found  old rusty mesh wire and placed around the top of the basket (tell you why in a minute).

We have an abundance of horse rope (a weed) which has incredibly strong vines. A few vines were cut and stripped of leaves. They were then intertwined throughout the planter and rusty mesh wire. The mesh not only helps secure the horse rope, it increases the soil acidity (great for moss).

The horse rope will provide areas to intertwine cascading plants (later on, rooting over much of the basket).

Some plants used were divided from my existing plants, our woods and purchased a few annuals for color.

Creeping jenny, ferns, pachysandra, green and white sedum, begonia, and impatiens.

These types of hanging baskets need water, EVERY DAY. They also need to be displayed in the shade.

The moss hanging baskets would make an excellent addition to an outdoor wedding ceremony, especially at winery’s! Even used as affordable centerpieces when chain is removed.

Happy Planting!


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