Unique Outdoor Hanging Baskets

16 Apr

 Are you having problems with your coconut liners? Help is here.  This organic material decomposes rather fast, so just add more without the cost.

Any natural elements from your landscape would work. I have lined the metal form with bark and twigs.

I had some leftover decorative moss from my indoor projects and strategically mashed it in between the form and coconut liner.

Don’t worry about how strange or unprofessional it looks, this is just the beginning. Poke small holes in the coconut liner where pockets have been created with bark, twigs and moss and place small plants like creeping sedum.

When filling up your hanging basket with soil, remember to include pine cones, sweet gum balls or another lightweight natural element. They will decrease the weight of your hanging basket and also add nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.

Hanging planters can be developed in the same way and probably a little easier because of the shape.

Remember to work from the bottom of the planter by inserting small plants,  and alternating with soil and natural elements. Make sure the plant roots are covered with no air pockets so they will not dry out.

Sage and verbena work nicely in hanging planters and add color.

There are hundreds of variety of creeping sedum with different textures, colors and height, all being drought tolerate (this is what you want for your pots, hanging baskets and planters).

We have a mix of marigolds, verbena, artemisia, vinca, ivy, st john’s wort and sedum in the hanging basket below.

Most chains will rust, so keep an eye on them.

Hanging baskets, planters and pots need upright, cascading, and colorful plants for an outstanding display to WOW your family, friends and neighbors.

Happy Planting and make sure you visit Terragen Nursery June 26th for our Workshop on Medicinal Plants and Holistic Healing for Pets and People (details forthcoming).

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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