Greensboro Birds and Snow

01 Feb

Nature enthusiasts must consider bird habitat when designing their landscapes. Bird watching can occur outdoors or even better, inside the warmth of the home year round.

Creating a bird buffet close enough to enjoy inside is easy to do. They need a bird feeder, a branch, and a protected landing area not far from feeder (for example, an evergreen shrub or tree enabling them to scope the area for predators before landing).

I personally like the larger birdfeeders. More the merrier. This particular bird feeder has 2 suet holders. I need to make more of these tasty treats.

If you have received oranges during the holiday season, think about adding within your landscape as bird feeders.

If you do not have your window identified for the birds, you may want to place stickers, tape or another obvious hint.

There are several landing places for the birds.

Bird watching is very calming.

We had several visitors including, a woodpecker, sparrows, cardinals and chickadees.

When designing your landscape, do not forget about the winter months of enjoyment by placing a bird buffet by your window. Since birds are not the neatest of eaters, remember to consider the area below. You may have corn or sunflowers sprouting where not wanted. Crushed stone or another aggregate is a good solution. Mulch can cover landscape fabric as another option.

 Have a wonderful February and don’t forget the birds.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation

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