Tomato Cage Holiday Tree

14 Dec

Tomato cages can be reused/recycled into beautiful and affordable holiday decorations. The form is a perfect pyramid turned upside down and bound at the top with floral tape.

Clean off the old tomato remnants and dirt and bring indoors to decorate.

Colorful holiday ribbon can be wrapped around tomato cage and adhered at the top or bottom. This particular tomato cage stands 4 feet tall, perfect for a corner needing vertical interest.

Place garland or colorful fabric around the bottom.

Holiday ornaments can be hung from the circular portions of the tomato cage.

A small up light was placed in the middle and hidden by the garland. This soft light is perfect to illuminate a dark corner.

Other ornaments were placed around the bottom; pine cones, stars and gold fruit were used.

A large bow with cascading ribbon was utilized to finish this unique modern style tree.

If you have several tomato cages, line them along a walkway and anchor into the ground for a spectacular and affordable holiday pathway. The cages can be adorned with garland, strings of beads or even popcorn for the birds to nibble on.

If you are having your wedding  during the winter season, think about incorporating tomato cages within your landscape, adding drama to your special day. This is an affordable idea for those thrifty brides.

Have fun with your holiday decorations and enjoy.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


Posted by on December 14, 2009 in Crafts, Wedding Ideas


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