Getting Married in Spring-Flower Colors

16 Sep

Where do most brides get ready before the wedding ceremony? Usually it is in the comfort of a home. If you plan ahead, the spring-blooming flowers within the landscape can compliment your wedding photographs.

If your bridesmaid gowns are a pale pink, try planting bulbs, shrubs, trees or perennials to compliment your bridesmaid dresses or wedding bouquets.



Pink azaleas come in so many different shades, you are bound to find a variety to match your bridesmaid dresses.


The Eastern Redbud Tree is fabulous in bloom. The flowers emerge before the foliage. What a delicate backdrop for your wedding photography.


Another great tree for spring blooms is the Yoshino Cherry Tree. This specimen tree has those fairy tale qualities many brides look for.


If the gowns are pale pink, purple landscape flowers are next to each other on the color wheel called harmonious or analogous colors. Creeping phlox below explode with color in the spring. Try laying on this perennial for a smashing wedding picture.



Ajuga is another beautiful spring-blooming perennial with purple spikes.


A soft salmon-colored gown is great for a spring bridesmaid dress.


Did you know that Daffodils come in colors other than white, yellow and orange? Daffodil bulbs to harmonize with salmon dresses are Vie en Rose, Elizabeth Ann, Fidelity, Salome, and Palmares.




Please consult with a professional landscape designer to determine exactly when the flowering plants bloom. Some are earlier than others and some have a longer bloom period.

Divine Weddings and Beyond will be hosting a Wedding Fashion Show and Workshop on October 8th 2009 at the Emerald Event Center from 3-8. This is a free event and donations will be accepted at the door for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I will be giving a workshop of how to spruce up your landscape to provide a gorgeous backdrop for wedding photography.

 Diana Gardner-Williams

Divine Weddings and Beyond™

Landscape Design and Installation


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