September Landscaping Ideas for Greensboro

08 Sep

September is here and so are the cooler temperatures. So there are no excuses why a few hours cannot be dedicated to your lovely landscape.

Your grass may be looking a little on the brown side. It is OK if you did not waste the Greensboro water supply to keep your lawn lush and green. Grass is the most affordable sacrifice. The shrubs and trees are where the water needs to be applied. Aerating the lawn will break up the soil surface allowing oxygen and water to enter the compacted soil. Once aerated, the fertilizer will be able to reach the grass roots with ease.


If you are struggling with the same patch of lawn that refuses to grow grass, turn it into a plant bed. Why fight it.

While you are fertilizing, purchase a fertilizer high in Phosphorus (middle number on the bag) for your garden mums and Helleborus.


Mums are blooming now and Helleborus will bloom in winter when little is happening in the landscape.


Helleborus are the cream colored flowers pictured in the front. They bloom from February to April.


September is also the perfect time to plant perennials because the temperatures are cooler and there is plenty of time for roots to establish.

Keep harvesting your basil. this herb will produce leaves until the first frost.

reseed 006

This is the time to select your spring blooming bulbs for planting next month. Have a plan first because these are definitely show stoppers and a breath of sweetness after a long winter.


Apply compost or another organic fertilizer (bonemeal, bloodmeal, fish emulsion) along with the bulbs for a grandiose flower display come spring.


September is a great month to play in the garden.

Happy Planting!!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation

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One response to “September Landscaping Ideas for Greensboro

  1. Mike J Baron

    September 9, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    Greensboro has a surplus of water to sell. It won’t tell you that.

    Greensboro would like you to purchase all that you can because Greensboro’s water sales have declined annually since 1995.

    FACT: Greensboro is using less water now than it did in the mid-ninties when it was trying to justify the Randleman Dam.

    This fact is being concealed from citizens because Greensboro wants you to believe it needs the Randleman Dam for more water. It doesn’t!

    for the full story or simply Google two words—dam scam

    You will discover Greensboro’s water fraud the biggest scam in the history of Greensboro.


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