Loving Romantic Shabby Chic Cottage Office

02 Sep

Part 4 of the office transformation. I will really stress that I am one who truly recycles and love every moment of it. Below is an eyelet bed skirt from a second hand store. This is perfect for the romantic shabby chic cottage style room I am trying to achieve.


Another treasure I found was a piece of furniture for $15 at another second hand store.


It just had to be cleaned up and a light coat of white spray paint was applied.


This piece was sitting on the side of the road with broken glass everywhere. I saw the legs and had to have it.


My interior designer, Kasey Stamey selected the primary floral fabric for the room pictured below.


I found a secondary fabric, again at a second hand store. This smaller print of the same color palette will offer variety without overpower the main fabric.


I will probably drape this fabric across the piece of furniture from the side of the road to dress up a bit.

Since we are on the subject of roadside trash, I found several windows screaming for me to pick up.


I cleaned them right up and no extra paint was needed. I did apply paint to one side of the windows. On the opposite side, the primary fabric was applied.


There are 2 functions of the window hanging where it is. First, to divide the room in 2 distinct sections, guest room and office. The second function would be to hide the catch all desk behind it. We all need a spot for our junk to be dealt with at another time.


I found these beautiful Peony Pillows.

They can be found here-Bridge Water Gardens

On to part 5

Happy Planting!!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation

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