Lifespan Birdhouse/Windchime Pottery

25 Aug

One of a kind garden art sold at an unbelievable price. Lifespan is a non-profit with locations across North Carolina. The individuals who craft these amazing works of art have developmental disabilities. 1500 people benefit from the programs at Lifespan and with your support, the waiting list can be reduced.


Michelle Davis of Lifespan took me on a tour of the facility and I was amazed at the level of detail in the garden art, pottery and paintings. There are several different day programs set up to enrich a diverse range of skills. Of course I was very interested in the pottery art. The birdhouses would spruce up any landscape.


A gentlemen who is one of the favorites, took the time to pose for the camera. He was busy creating another masterpiece to be sold.


Aren’t these snowmen pottery pieces just adorable. A perfect gift and for a great cause.


The wind chimes have such detail.


The pottery rooms are pretty high tech.


Many items to be sold.


The craft room, where are the creativity happens.


Lifespan is looking for additional retail shops to sell the art pieces.


If you own a restaurant and need artwork for your walls, think about purchasing from Lifespan. The individuals are obviously very talented.


For further information on how you can help Lifespan and the developmentally disabled community, contact Michelle Davis. These are truly a wonderful programs and services and needs to thrive.

Happy Planting!!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation

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