Shabby Chic Design for Landscape Company

20 Aug

Now on to part 3 of the office transformation. Shabby Chic/Romantic Cottage is something I gravitate towards because of the comfort factor and that I never throw anything away. This was a birthday card given to me in the early 70’s. Next to it is a wedding etiquette book by Emily Post (what a joke to read it now).


Basically my work office is split up like the majority of the offices around the nation, into a work space and guest room. The area above is the guest room.


I took meaningful and older pictures and tacked to the wall above the chair rail (which is old barn wood painted). The shiny and silver element running across the wood is meant for scrapbooking pages.


For added interest and more detail, 4 picture frames were adhered.


The background is scrapbooking paper complimenting the shabby chic theme of peach, cream and pink. Pressed flowers in the center.


Detail, detail, detail. Just as though I am designing a landscape.


On the opposite wall is the office space. I cut square pieces of cork board and adhered to the painted barn wood.


Yes, those are buttons. Buttons that I will never use, but look great in the cottage, shabby chic office. They were simply glued to thumb tacks.


Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation

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One response to “Shabby Chic Design for Landscape Company

  1. Mom

    March 13, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    Love the ideas. So many of those little touches look familiar:)


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