Summerfield, N.C. Curb Appeal-Before and After

17 Aug

Curb Appeal for homes on the market does not need to be expensive. Small details can be improved for those on a budget. The home below has great potential for increasing its curb appeal.


The top course of stone was not serving a purpose and was placed directly onto porch, acting as a cap stone. Selecting one color for annuals will give more of a dramatic effect. Hanging baskets filled with artificial flowers will cut down on the maintenance factor and your plants will always look their best.


Dressing up the front door is a must. Fresh greenery was attached to columns using a decorative ribbon. Even when the foliage begins to dry and change color, this will add a comfortable element to the home’s appearance.


Affordable doesn’t mean cheap. Creative ideas on a lower budget can also make an impact. This curb appeal was was updated for just under $700.


Another important area is the mailbox and the beginning of the driveway. It helps to place something of interest and even an element of movement. The ribbon will sway in the breeze catching a potential home buyers eye.


Because of budget and maintenance restraints, artificial flowers, twigs, and painted pots were strategically placed within the landscape.


Have your landscape company install the ideas gathered from the landscape designer or do it yourself to save even more money.


Entice potential homebuyers to the front door. This is the first place they will go, so make a lasting impression and try not to scare them off.


This home is listed by Richelle Smart of RE/Max. Call me once you have purchased the home because the landscaping potential is endless.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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