Wedding Landscape Flowers Blooming in August

06 Aug

If your wedding day is planned for the month of August, don’t neglect the landscape where your photographs will be taken. In zone 7 many plants are in their optimal bloom time.

Russian sage is an excellent plant blooming for several weeks. The pale violet flowers are perfect for wedding decorations and centerpieces for rehearsal dinners. Also and wonderful plant to dry or press because of its structure.


Another flowering plant providing an excellent wedding photo backdrop is “Twilight” Crape Myrtle Trees.


The small flowers can be used by your flower girl as well.


Another great flowering plant for the month of August is rudbeckia nitida and rudbeckia fulgida.


Rudbeckia fulgida is shorter and pictured to the left above and rudbeckia nitida is taller (5 feet) to the right.


These perennials are ideal for a wildflower backdrop. The blooms are wonderful for centerpieces in a vase or entire flower heads pruned for the flower girl to toss down the aisle. Simply cut the blooms and place in a bowl filled with water into the refrigerator.

The bride who desires the more traditional white blooms would love the Hydrangea panicutata. This variety is “Tardiva”.


This large shrub can be used as a backdrop for the bride and bridal party or cut for centerpieces because of the lacy flower heads.


“Kleim’s Hardy” Gardenia’s are on their second bloom period. Plant a few of these beautiful plants along your walkway for guests to inhale the intoxicating fragrance.


Have a Florific Wedding Day!!

Divine Weddings and Beyond™

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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