A Guide to Installing Plant Material

18 Jun

The average homeowner may have questions about the best placement of plant materials. Not only is sun or shade a factor, so is the function of the plant. Let your landscape work for you and install plants where they will provide a function as well as aesthetics.

Specimen plants like Yoshino Cherry Trees can stand alone in the landscape because of their form, flowers, or other ornamental characteristic.


Even in the winter months Yoshino Cherry Trees make a statement because of the beautiful color of bark and the structure or growing habit.

Foundation plants are very functional because they should be used for year round interest in the front of your home. These are plants installed closest to your house. Foundation plants are the staple of curb appeal and 75% should be evergreen varieties. It depend on the style of your to determine what types of plants to use. Some excellent foundation plants I use are:

  • Otto Luyken Laurel
  • Kleim’s Hardy Gardenia
  • Dwarf Hollies
  • Indian Hawthorn

Anchor plants are those installed on the corners of your home. These plants are meant to marry or tie the home into the surrounding landscape. They have a taller growing habit and usually at neat in appearance. Some anchor plants I use are:

  • Foster Holly
  • Cleyera
  • Emerald Green Arborvitae
  • West Coast Schip Laurel
  • Chindo Viburnum

Filler plants are those needed to fill in the bare spots after the staple plants have been designed into the landscape plan. Even though they have the name “filler”, they too serve other purposes. Filler plants can add needed color, a different texture or the purpose of  attracting butterflies. The yellow mums were obviously used as filler plants, adding color by the front walkway.


Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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