Foundation Landscaping for Small Plant Beds

19 May

If the area in front of your home is on the small side, there are solutions to these landscaping issues including espalier. We are lucky in Greensboro, NC to have such a large array of plants growing in our plant zone. Whether you live in a town home, condominium or a small lot, you too can have a lush and floriforus foundation planting. For newcomers, we are in zone 7.

Espalier is a technique where the plant is manipulated or pruned to the desired shape. Below is a loropetulum plant espaliered into a front foundation bed without support.


Pruning  just the branches that face outward will decrease the size needed for the plant. Loropetalum and others will not attach themselves to structures.


Another great espalier plant is the Leatherleaf Viburnum pictured below.


Espalier plants are very easy to care for and only need pruning during the growing season to restrain outward growth.


Camellias and Star Magnolia plants are additional plants to experiment with. Below is the magnolia growing to only 8 feet, perfect to espalier.


star magnolia

With the addition of potted and petite sized plants your front foundation garden can have texture, color, variety complimenting the exterior of your home. Have fun with the art of espalier.

 Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation

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