Mothers Day Gifts-Landscape Plants

29 Apr

There are so many beautiful landscape plants providing optimal blooms during the mothers day season. Why not purchase a plant she can place into her garden for years of enjoyment. Greensboro, NC has many plant options for moms.

One of my favorites is Iris. They come in an assortment of colors and are perfect cutting flowers to bring indoors for your bouquets. They will keep producing more plants to divide in order to create swaths of iris fields.


Behind this beautiful iris are Dianthus “Baths Pink” variety. Not only does it yield a wonderful display, they are highly fragrant. This plant grows in full sun, bluish evergreen foliage and looks great in the front of plant beds because of it’s petite growth habit.



One plant that desires some attention is soapwort. Yes, soapwort. The botanical name is Saponaria.


This is another low plant looking fabulous in the front of the flower bed. Soapwort loves full sun and will thrive in rock gardens. Try planting soapwort on a retaining wall to enjoy the masses of cascading flowers from afar. you might even mistake this plant as creeping phlox because of its similar form.


Another fragrant plant to give as a gift to your favorite mother is Lilac. “Miss Kim” is a variety of Lilac more compact in size than the parent plant, growing to about 6 feet.


What about Snow in Summer? This perennial has frosty foliage and white flowers through summer.


Snow in summer or the botanical name, Cerastium is beginning to bloom now and will continue into the summer.


Lastly, if your mother has a bit of shade in her landscape, try Phlox divaricata or Sweet William Phlox. Violet/blue blooms emerge from this little pretty serving as a great perennial to plant over spring bulbs.


Have fun choosing just the right landscape plant for your mother on mothers day.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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