Natural Science Center of Greensboro & Weddings?

01 Apr

Could this be true? The Natural Science Center of Greensboro, NC may be added to the venue list for wedding locations. Let the wild side come out and rent the entire center with lions, tigers and bears, oh my!!

Glenn Dobrogosz, Executive Director of the Science Center spoke at the Perfect Wedding Guide Networking luncheon today. He enlightened us on the possibilities for wedding parties to enjoy this vast facility filled with wildlife, this tickles my fancy.


Not only is this a new and innovative idea, it is very affordable. What a unique experience to wander the facility with a dinosaur, bear or tiger staring you right in the face as you turn the corner.


Glenn even stated the outside grounds are lit up in the evening hours with the animals left outside for viewing. What a beautiful experience, especially for those who LOVE animals, like myself.

The bride and groom along with the entire bridal party can have their pictures taken with a tiger in the background, hold a python snake or cuddle up with a turtle.

Another unique feature is the Omnisphere. This is a total immersion theater featuring a forty foot dome with 3-D effects. Glenn stated that a groom proposed to his bride in the Omnisphere. How romantic.


The bride and groom that decide to have their wedding at the Natural Science Center will most definitely have photographs that roar!

Welcome to the World of Weddings Glenn and the Natural Science Center.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation

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One response to “Natural Science Center of Greensboro & Weddings?

  1. friendlydj1

    July 8, 2009 at 7:23 pm

    FNDJ was at the NSC of Greensboro, it was alot of fun! As a DJ I don’t think I envisioned the Science Center to be an ideal place to have a wedding, but being there opened me up to the possibilities. Hope to DJ there soon.

    John Haskins,
    Friendly Neighborhood DJ


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