Water & Drainage Problems for Homebuyers

20 Mar

Before purchasing a home in the Piedmont Triad, make sure to have a professional like myself, inspect the drainage and water problems surrounding your property.

If you look  to the corner of this home, the front walkway will be flooded because the downspout is directed onto it. How would you like to be walking this path with water splashing at your feet. This is unacceptable and should have been properly trenched under the concrete walk when the home was built or an allowance forthe new homebuyer.


Before you purchase your new home in the Piedmont Triad, problems should be identified before signing the closing documents. Below is another example of a home builder who directed the downspout onto the driveway, where it pools in the middle because of the grade. Water that tends to sit in one spot will freeze and thaw, creating cracks in concrete or other hard surfaces.


When looking at a potential area for outdoor living space, make sure the water problems are addressed. Here again, the downspouts are directed to the patio area and will flood.


Below is a large drainpipe with an attempt at stabilizing the slope. Rip Rap is the type of stone used and it is not decorative. This area tends to flood in with an intense rain, but does not need to look so hideous. Decorative boulders and specific evergreen plants can tremendously improve the aesthetics of this visual eye sore. I would not approve of paying over $300,000 for my house with visitors being subjected to this.

If you are purchasing a house “as is”, take a survey of all the water and drainage problems needing to be remedied to ensure the home builder provides an allowance for these landscaping issues.

These days home buyers have the upper hand and can suggest the home builder or home seller repair potential water and drainage problems before purchasing the home. Water erosion will also be covered in another post for home buyers.


Please don’t ignore water and drainage problems because they will come back to haunt you later. FYI-water can never be directed to your neighbors property unless you have extra funds for a lawsuit. There are solutions.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation

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