Holiday Coconut Tree Crafts for Kids

05 Dec

This easy coconut tree craft project should take around 2 hours to complete, or longer if your kids want to put more detail into the tree and ornaments. Also, if their attention span is longer than my 4 year old’s.


Supplies needed:

  • a branch from outdoors and pruners to cut it
  • a container for the branch
  • block of Styrofoam to keep the branch upright in the container
  • newspaper
  • craft moss
  • bag of coconut
  • rose hips, holly berries or other natural berries
  • ornament hooks
  • glue


The location of your coconut tree will determine what size branch you will need to prune. Make sure it is free of spiders and insert into your container with the Styrofoam to keep upright. If the Styrofoam is not large enough, crumple some newspaper to keep straight.


Take your glue and start squeezing onto branches where you want the coconut snow to be adhered.


This could get sticky. My coconut snow supply was slowly disappearing. Make sure you have enough ensuring your children get a treat too.


Once you and your children are satisfied with the results of the coconut snow, put your heavy clothes back on to collect berries outside. Red rose hips were closest to our home, so I choose to use them. Gently push the ornament hooks through the hips and strategically place them on your coconut tree. Finally, place the moss on top of your conatiner to hide the foam and top dress with fresh fallen coconut.


You could really take this craft project much further if your children are older by spraying the branches with white glitter and dipping the rose hips in red glitter and so on.


This is one decoration need not be stored. Just toss into your fireplace or chiminea and make another treasure next year and start a new tradition.

Happy Planting!!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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2 responses to “Holiday Coconut Tree Crafts for Kids

  1. Mom Williams

    December 12, 2008 at 11:02 pm

    Love the coconut snow on the branches! This is one project that even little crafters can have success with. Chevy was so proud to show off his coconut tree and tell how it was created. Gramma Carrie

  2. panalada

    January 17, 2012 at 2:38 am

    great idea


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