Saint PiusX Plant Rescuers and Transplanting

30 Sep

Saint PiusX parishioners came on September 20th and 27th to dig up and transplant our beautiful plants on the church and office grounds. Most of the medium to small sized plants were dug up on these days. Because of a wedding on the 27th, we asked that no large plant material should be removed.

There are many large trees and shrubs still present on the property. We will have one last plant rescue day on December 6th at 8:30am. We will meet in the back of the church before any digging takes place. There are shrubs and trees that are reserved for Saint PiusX school and other parishioners. We will point out poison ivy, how to properly dig up large plant material and what to do when you get these treasures home. December is a great time to transplant because plants are reaching dormancy, meaning, not actively growing. This ensures a safer and optimal time to move plant material.

Just because these are basically free plants does not mean the entire project will be. The large size root balls will need an ample size hole already dug and composted topsoil ready to backfill your holes. A good 2-3 inch layer of mulch will also be needed. Irrigation systems will need to be adjusted for the spring or another reliable water source for your plants.

We ask those that have removed 10 or more shrubs in September to allow other parishioners to take a remembrance plant from our church grounds on Novemeber 15th.

There is still quite a bit of liriope or monkey grass that needs to be removed. This is a great plant for erosion control and to mass plant in natural areas.

I would love to post pictures of how the plants from Saint PiusX are working for you in your landscapes. Please send any pictures and I will post them on the blog.

Happy Planting and See you December 6th!!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation

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