Recycled Cedar Trees for Simple Pergolas

02 Aug

A pergola built from cedar trees cut down from a construction site was my first attempt at the art. I thought how wonderful it would be to use materials that were going to be discarded to create something beautiful and functional.

This pergola was not intended to walk under because of it’s shorter height to roughly 6 feet. A bench was placed under the pergola providing a beautiful backdrop for the pond, some shade and a structure to guide a climbing rose. This rustic pergola is the perfect match for a landscape in a natural setting.

Obviously this wood is not pressure treated (which is recommended for outdoor pergolas) but has been standing strong for 8 years. This turned out to be the pergola prototype for another on our property.

I love the top vertical pieces because they serve to weave vines in and out looking fantastic. This rustic cedar pergola has a beautiful climbing rose covered in flowers around Mothers Day.

The lower portion also has interesting vertical pieces for lower growing plants to lean against.

Decorating your recycled pergola is the fun part. Just nail in your favorite garden ornaments to add personality.

Low level lights are also a nice touch to illuminate your pergolas during the evening hours.

So if you notice a site being demolished for new construction just ask if you can cut down a few cedar trees for your rustic pergola. not only are these pergolas a great addition for yourself, the birds love them too. Our feathered friends land on top to scope out landscapes and remove the bark to use as building material for their nests. Bird houses can adorn the top of your posts for homes.

Have fun with the design and construction of your recycled cedar pergolas and send me the pictures to post.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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3 responses to “Recycled Cedar Trees for Simple Pergolas

  1. Terry Kearns

    August 4, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    Hello Diana. A cedar or locust – ready to be removed – would be a real find around here. There must be a group of folks who tree shop construction sites.

    I’ve been looking for rustic cedar posts, including the knots to make something for here:

    I was born and raised in High Point. Used to see cedar posts with the knots, often whitewashed used as trellises and fence posts, arbors, and what not. You’d see these everywhere in rural NC.


  2. diana gardner-williams

    August 5, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    Wow Terry-Rustic at it’s Best!!

    I love the charm of using recycled trees in pergola design. The character of the wood itself is an art piece.

    Build on!


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