Blooming Russian Sage for Summer Cottage Gardens

16 Jul

Russian Sage has many wonderful properties appealing to those with not such a green thumb.

This deciduous perennial is drought tolerate and performs great in average soil providing weeks of airy purple blooms in the summer months.

Russian Sage or the botanical name-Perovskia atriplicifolia is not for formal gardens, mailbox plantings or alongside walkways. This perennial is a leaner with free flowing stems that tend to fall to the ground if not staked properly. The bees absolutely love this plant, so make sure you install it towards the back of a perennial border where the stakes can be hidden ( if you choose to do so) or beside a fence for tying back and far enough away from regular traffic so visitors won’t be stung by our buzzy friends.

Other great characteristics of Russian Sage are that the flowers and foliage can be pressed for crafts and also utilized in dried flower arrangements. If the purple flowers are cut and brought indoors for your centerpieces try adding some rosemary, lavender and wax myrtle foliage for a very aromatic bouquet.

The purple blooms of Russian Sage work well with homes grey in color because both are considered cool colors. Other perennial plants in that same category with cool flowers or foliage are plumbago, silver king artemisia, lavender, purple cone flowers, caryopteris, snow in summer, hella lacy aster, silver princess ajuga, sea lavender, catmint, franz shubert garden phlox, emerald cushion blue creeping phlox, sentimental blue balloon flower, may night salvia, and blue spruce sedum.

By incorporating all cool colored plants a very harmonius and striking display will add drama to your landscape.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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