Shade Gardens for Moonlight Viewing

11 Jul

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home from work and meander to the swing in your shade garden bursting with illuminating white blooms. The color white is highly visible during dust so do not ignore this fantastic plant property. Not only do white flowers brighten up a shady spot, so will the foliage of certain plants with white variegation.

The first favorite is Oakleaf Hydrangea. This beauty is gorgeous throughout the year and spectacular in bloom.

The flower panicles are14 to 18 inches in length and can be dried or hung on pergolas.

Fantastic plant

Oakleaf hydranges make a statement

The Oakleaf Hydrangea should be placed at the back of your bed because most varieties are medium to large in size.

Another plant with white blooms for your shade gardens are Astillbe. Snowdrift, Deutschland, Alba, Avalanche and many others are great for the middle areas of your beds. These beautiful panicle flowers are pyramidal in form and hold up great in flower centerpieces. Expect a wonderful Astillbe display in early summer.

Another plant to feature in the middle portion of your moonlight shade garden is Anemone. Some white varieties are: Honerine Jobert, Alba, and Whirlwind. This is the perfect plant for late summer, early fall flowers. The flower heads sit gracefully on top of long, thin stems that sway in the breeze. The below picture is of Honerine Jobert Anemone.

For the front of the shade bed try Ajuga Alba. This ground hugging plant will provide white flower spikes in mid to late spring. Try over planting white crocus bulbs with Ajuga.

Another for the front of your moonlight garden is Sweet Woodruff. I love the fragrance of this little pretty. If you are invigorated by the smell of freshly mowed hay, this is the plant for you. Dry the foliage for your  drawer sachets. Only 12 inches in heaight bearing white flowers in late spring.

White Daffodils are wonderful for early spring blooms to adorn your tabletops with color and fragrance.

Don’t forget to incorporate a few white annuals too. We do not want to deny your eyes from the continuous display of flowers from April until the first frost like the impatiens below.

Grab a glass of iced tea and relax in a soothing shade garden exploding with white flowers calming your spirit.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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  1. Salsa tanfolyam Budapest

    December 31, 2010 at 12:23 pm

    beautiful garden


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