Unique Pergolas in Landscape Designs

14 Jun

Oh how I love pergolas and all of the different materials we can use to build them. This particular pergola serves as the entryway into one of my son’s memory gardens. Let’s look at all the different materials one can use in its construction.

Materials used in this pergola are:

  • Pressure treated wood
  • Salvaged brick of various colors and styles
  • Birdhouse finials
  • Salvaged windows
  • White PVC pipe
  • White outdoor stain (pinto white to be exact)
  • Galvanized wire

This pergola evolved over time as materials were gathered. Don’t feel limited to one material as you create your beautiful outdoor structure.

I loved using the birdhouse finials and they were not intended for any visitors. Foam was sprayed into them to deter wasps and other insects from building a nest. Birds were also detered because they were purchased for 4 dollars a piece and are not structurally sound for nests. Well that didn’t work. This spring, foam was dispersed around our property as determined birds pecked away at it making room for their nests. We did have baby birds last week and I suppose the family was very happy with their accomodations.

Salvaged windows were hung providing more interest and support for the climbing rose and grape vine. You can find these treatures at your local antique shops, salvage or thrift stores.

My father is a plumber and I asked him how we could incorporate white pvc pipe into its design.

We did so at the top. The pvc was cut and inserted vertically along the horizontal 2×4’s and secured with the proper fittings.

I love old world charm so I did not mind using different varieties of salvaged brick as columns around the 4×4 posts. I did tint the mortar a light brown color for a more blended effect.

Pergolas are fantastic around the holidays displaying Halloween or Christmas decor.

Low-level outdoor lighting can illuminate your structures for moonlit walks and views from your interior rooms.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box to create your outdoor structures.

Happy Planting!!

Diana Gardner-Williams


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3 responses to “Unique Pergolas in Landscape Designs

  1. Pergola and arbors

    July 8, 2008 at 6:11 am

    Nice blog. I am totally into arbors! I have some friends down my way that build some really outstanding arbors!!! It is nothing that they sell outside of their local area (athens ga) but something worth checking out if you like arbors and stuff. is great as is, but this is an old page that will change within a month and have a ton images of their arbors. They are great for ideas.

  2. Lawrence

    July 17, 2008 at 3:06 am

    Great Blog–

    But found a typo!

    “Materials used( is )this pergola are:”


  3. Kim Web

    March 25, 2009 at 8:05 am

    I just came across your site, very nice. I have never been a fan of pergola’s. They have never caught my eye, and feel that one needs a large garden in order have one of these. I like the different uses for it but I don’t think that I would ever have one in my garden.

    Get post though and I will be visiting again in the future.


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