Flowers and Landscape Plants for May Blooms

20 May

May in Greensboro, NC is full of brightly colored flowers on trees, shrubs and perennials. Is it coincidence that Mothers Day is also celebrated in May. Mothers should not be deprived of gorgeous flowers in their landscapes with so many to choose from.

Below is the Japanese Snowbell tree. There are hundreds of delicate, white, bell-shaped blooms giving off a light fragrance. The flower is similar to lily of the valley ground cover. I love this spectacular tree. The foliage is also delicate and is just a great addition when a medium to small size tree is needed for your space. Another great factor is pest stay clear of this tree.

Another beauty is the Sarah Bernhardt Peony. One of these large fragrant blooms will completely fill up a vase for your tabletop.

Even before they fully open, their value is greatly appreciated. It is advisable to install near a fence or other structure to lean upon. There flowers tend to be on the heavy side and this perennial reaches 3 feet in height.

You cannot forget roses!! Below is an absolute must for color from May until the first frost. The Knock Out Rose. This particular rose variety comes in light pink, dark pink and red. It is a fantastic low maintenance addition to those with a black thumb.

Knock roses line the grassy area in my son’s memory garden

Here is the red variety of Knock Out Rose. These roses are planted along our driveway to greet visitors with a splash of red blooms.

There are so many roses to choose from, so don’t forget all the hybrid roses. They are higher maintenance, but sometimes worth it.

Old Fashion or old roses are another easy rose to grow in your landscapes.

Cannot forget to add climbing roses on your pergolas. New Dawn is a variety I love to incorporate into my landscape designs. It is easy to grow and the foliage is glossy and dark green for the rest of the season.

Here is a very easy perennial to add vibrant and rich colors to your gardens…Iris. Not only do it bloom in May, the foliage adds a unique vertical and coarse texture to gardens. The iris perennial looks great with finer textured plants like coreopsis or candytuft.

The last amazing May blooming plant is Salvia “May Night”. This perennial won an award for its performance in the landscape. The purple spike are deep purple and last for weeks. Shear them back after they have finished and you will see more flower spikes later on.

Happy Mothers Day and buy your mum a beautiful May bloomer for next year.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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