Landscape Designs and Plans-Saving Money

20 Apr

If you do not have a landscape plan then you have disposable income. Those that do not have extra cash to spend should obtain a landscape design to save time and money. The other night on HGTV the #1 landscape mistake of homeowners was stated not having a landscape design or plan. This is a relatively small investment considering what you could spend on incorrect plants, placement and other issues within your gardens.

Think about how a food recipe works. The recipe calls for certain ingredients, combined in a particular sequence and placed in the appropriate oven setting. Following the instructions will result in a successful and tasty end result. This is basically how a landscape plan or design functions. The property is surveyed for appropriate dimensions, plants are proposed (with the mature size and function in mind), soil and mulch are calculated, stone, wood and other materials are based on the survey and phases are suggested to begin your beautiful landscape plan. Other issues that are addressed are drainage, grading, low-level lighting and irrigation.

Landscape plans and designs are needed to execute installation giving you, the “Do It Yourselfer” or a landscape company a recipe to follow. This landscape plan can be installed over a period of several years. Winter and summer months are a great time to have a plan drawn up by your landscape designer and start the grading, drainage, irrigation, stone or brick patios and decks or pergolas. This is also an appropriate time to bring in composted topsoil and top-dress with mulch, preparing the site for plant installation at a later date. Spring and fall months are perfect for plant installation.

Leave the design of your property to a professional landscape designer. Do you really want to spend time planting the same area over and over again after deer demolished them, the plants grew too large, they werent’ drought tolerate or you didn’t realize your drain pipes were going to flood your flower beds. Not only will a professional plant appropriate plants, but your entire property will have unity connecting each part to the next. A visual work of art upon the very property you come home to each day.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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2 responses to “Landscape Designs and Plans-Saving Money

  1. Sue Mangiapane

    September 8, 2008 at 3:27 am

    Hi Diana, I wanted the chance to put a testimonial on your wesite about the great work that you do. I don’t think people truly understand how valuable a landscaping plan can be until they actually get one. I like to think of it as protecting your investment. My husband and I are on our fourth house since we have been married. We have always purchased a new home and therefore started with the handful of starter bushes that the builder provides. Throughout the years we have spent thousands of dollars creating our own yards. We never thought to call a professional landscape artist because we wanted to save money. Little did we know that spending money to implement a plan would have saved us money. We made many mistakes. Landscaping is a true artform. Spending money up front can not only keep you fom making costly mistakes, but it will help to create the “WOW” factor for your home. Having that professional look will not only allow you to enjoy your property, but it will enable you to attract buyers to your home when you sell one day. My husband and I have learned a lot about landscaping over the years. When we have a chance to drive by our first home we cringe at the sight of the yard. We planted bushes and trees too close to the house. The natural area in the front has a mixture of plants that don’t seem to go together. I wish I had known you back then Diana! Please continue the great work that you do – saving us from ourselves!! Sue mangiapane


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