Color & Texture in Foundation Landscapes

28 Mar

The diverse choice of plants in Greensboro, NC enables us to select just the right shrubs and trees for our front foundation plantings adding gorgous color and texture complimenting our homes. These elements will help every homeowner add curb appeal and interest throughout the year.

It is a general rule to incorporate 75% evergreen (green all year) in your front foundation planting beds. This side of your home is viewed by the public more often and should look its best. Evergreen shrubs have different properties such as color, leaf size/shape, berries, flowers or grow habit to create a little pizazz. The various colors and textures of plants will add interest to your landscapes. For example, look at the home below with the boxwood/azalea curse. The 2 different shrubs installed have basically the same growth habit, leaf size and foliage color. It isn’t very interesting.


The plant material installed in the front foundation of the home below is full of wonderful texture and colors. The Otto Luyken Laurel shrubs planted along the house provide a deep glossy color with coarse foliage. In front of the laurels are shrubs bearing a smaller leaf size lighter in color. The green color of the shrubs contrast nicely with the brick color of the home. Beautiful!!!


Speaking of brick color, here is an example of what not to plant. The color combination below does not have enough contrast for success. The foundation plantings along with the color of brick appear to be washed out.


Just as interior colors on your walls, exterior colors need the same attention. Below is a picture of a yellow piece of card stock on top of dark brown paper and beige paper. What has more interest? Take along a picture of your home when you are out shopping at your local plant nurseries for your gorgous foundation plants.


The front foundation of the home below is outstanding! Using 75% evergreen plant material does not need to be boring. Look at the varying heights, different shades of green, leaf size and different growth habit of the shrubs. This home will look fantastic in the dreary months of winter. A few deciduous trees will provide even more interest in the spring, summer and autumn months.


Treat your exterior property just as your interior because more people will view your landscapes than your living rooms.

Happy Planting Greensboro!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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