Drought Tolerate Xeriscaping Plants for Greensboro

16 Mar

Better to be safe than sorry. Here in Greensboro, NC we never know what Mother Nature will bring or not bring. Drought tolerate plants are used in Xeriscaping (pronounced zeroscaping) to provide low maintenance gardens surviving with minimal water. Sounds great for our area.

Let us be clear on when the plant installed into the landscape actually becomes drought tolerate. It is not the first year. Any shrub, perennial or tree needs to establish a root system first in order to take in water. This takes time, some a little more than others. Just because the tag on a plant says “Drought Tolerate” do not neglect it after the initial planting.

Key to describe what type of plant, if it’s evergreen and listed by common name

  • T- Tree
  • S- Shrub
  • P- Perennial
  • A- Annual
  • G- Grass
  • GR- Groundcover
  • E- Evergreen

I am suggesting these types of plants for large open and natural areas in full sun

  • T Crape Myrtles- many glorious colors to choose from
  • T Golden-rain Tree- gorgeous yellow flowers
  • E T Yaupon Holly- outstanding red berries
  • T “Forest Pansy” Redbud- dark burgundy heart-shaped foliage
  • E S “Firepower” Nandina- red winter foliage for Christmas flower arrangements
  • S “Diana” Rose of Sharon- not because it’s my first name, it blooms for monthsdiana.jpg
  • E S “Edward Goucher” Abelia- small purple blooms over several months
  • E S Indian Hawthorn- great for Mothers’ Day blooms of white or pink
  • S Butterfly Bush- many colors attracting butterflies
  • E S Fortune Tea Olive- fragrant flowers in the autumn like gardenia!!
  • S “Knock Out” Rose- only needs 6 hours of sunlight and blooms from spring to fall
  • S Blue Spirea- late summer blooms of violet/blue attracting butterflies
  • P Shasta Daisy- great for moonlit gardens
  • P Russian Sage- unique purple flowers for arrangements
  • P “Homestead Purple” Verbena- Wow, blooming from March until November
  • P Golden Rod- great for wildflower gardens and flower arrangements
  • E P Candytuft- gorgeous white blooms in spring, show stopper


  • P Daylilies- use in groups of 5 or more for masses of color
  • P “Whirling Butterflies” Gaura- unique habit, flowers resemble small butterflies
  • P “Miss Huff” Lantana- non-stop bloomer in the heat
  • P Black-Eyed Susan- great for large areas because it will re-seed
  • P “Purple Cone Flower- great for cut flowers
  • E P Creeping Phlox- early spring bloomer, a must have


  • A Lantana- Wow, an outstanding plant for yellow blooms
  • A Periwinkle- 1 foot in height comes in pink, white, and cherry blooms
  • A Begonias- they may even come back next year in mild winters
  • E A Dusty Miller- planted for silver foliage
  • A Portulaca- great plant for Spanish gardens of rich vibrant colors
  • A Gomphrena- try edging a path with this little pretty
  • E GR St Johns Wort- yellow spring blooms
  • E GR Ice plant- summer blooms of white or purple


  • E GR Wintercreeper- purple fall foliage
  • GR Liriope– grass-like and great in masses
  • E GR Creeping Thyme– culinary uses and dainty flowers
  • E GR Bearberry Cotoneaster- red summer berries and spreads fast
  • E GR Juniper- not my favorite for residential plantings, use in moderation
  • G Fountain Grass- buff-colored, spike-like blooms in fall
  • G “Heavy Metal” Switchgrass- metallic blue upright foliage 
  • G Muhly Grass- delicate and feathery pink plumes in autumn

By using a combination of the plants listed above beautiful natural areas can be created. It is more effective to group plants in 5 or more for a dramatic landscape. By using plants with different textures, colors, bloom times and evergreens a year round garden is composed. This could be an affordable fix for added curb appeal standing out from the rest.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation

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