Front Entryway Landscaping Ideas-1

14 Mar


Driving around Greensboro for an hour with my camera in hand, these are the few homes with wonderful front entryway plantings and some not so pretty.

The home above receives an A+ from me. Look at all of the interesting plants of different sizes, textures and function. Visitors to this home do not need to be in fear of something or someone jumping out of overgrown shrubs walking to the front door. There is no mistaking where the door is located because of the healthy low growing shrubs lining the driveway, guiding your eyes. Gorgeous pots are flanking the doorway and are correct size keeping in scale with the height of the house. Now look at the home below with outdoor pots flanking their front door. Yes, I thought the same, too small. I am not a big fan of the plant selection for the front door entryway. I believe this is one area to really make your home stand out from the rest for curb appeal .


The home below is showing some interest with the entryway plantings. You definately know where the front door is located because of the change in height of plant material. The landscape could use more coarsely textured plants adding even more interest and curb appeal. This is a very safe and appealing entryway garden and it would feel comfortable and inviting to walk this path.


Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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