Sheared Hedges in Greensboro Landscapes

08 Mar


Greensboro residents and local landscape companies shearing hedges may want to think about retiring the instrument responsible for this crude act upon innnocent shrubs.

Shearing hedges from my home town of Buffalo,NY is a common practice because properties are much smaller in size. Homeowners who love working in their yards feel the need to “do something” and that something is to shear their hedges. I think Greensboro residents can spend their time more productively elsewhere in their gardens because there is more property to tend.

The art of shearing or clipping hedges is a wonderful practice for homes formal in nature, a labrinth, or topiary plantings. An example of this in found in the picture below. This landscape is breathtaking and the home is complimented by its sheared plantings.


Many Greensboro homeowners using the technique of shearing hedges reside in less informal houses and do not need to spend long hours creating perfect balls and squares with their shrubs in landscapes.


The home above is losing out on desired curb appeal by lining up shrubs to butcher. This front foundation planting has little interest and looks a little strange to be honest. The one aspect of this planting I like is the 1 holly shrub installed at the corner of the home.


Without getting out of my car, I am pretty sure some of the sheared shrubs are broad-leafed evergreens in the above photo. If you feel the need to shape your shrubs in this fashion, make sure they bear small sized foliage, such as boxwoods, azaleas and some varieties of holly. Broad-leaf shrubs like “Otto Luyken” Laurel and “Carissa” Holly look horrible when sheared because of the chopped look of the larger sized foliage.

If you are shearing a shrub for fear it will overtake a window or walkway, the inncorrect shrub was selected. We have a variety of plant material to choose from in Greensboro, NC to make the right choice minmizing work. Many shrubs have very appealing form when left alone.

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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