Greensboro Landscapes-Front Foundation Curb Appeal

07 Mar


The good, the bad and the ugly front foundation landscapes in Greensboro, NC. So I had some free time and decided to drive around beautiful Greensboro taking photographs of front foundation plantings adhering to principals and elements of good landscape design, those making an attempt, and gardens incredibly neglected. The beautifully landscaped home above gets an A+ from me.

Several photographs are of homes for sale and lacked curb appeal or any appeal at all. The housing market is not the best at the moment, so why wouldn’t you want your home to stand out from the rest. This can be done by investing some sweat and small amount of cash. Check out Affordable Curb Appeal suggestions. The home below has a dated an overgrown foundation planting. Shrubs covering the window cause a maintenance and safety issue, plus it looks bad.


If your home is in an affluent neighborhood and you are not ready to spend time or money in your front foundation plantings, clear out all the plants for a clean look. I would rather see a plant-free mulched area in front of a home than overgrown shrubs installed by Joe Smo Landscaping company without knowledge of principals and elements of good design. Besides, a potential home buyer may be excited to have a clean slate to work with enabling them to install plants they love. Here is an example of a beautiful home ready for a professional landscape design for the front foundation. This may appeal to new home buyers instead of seeing an overgrown landscape that needs work and many dollars


Your front door is usually the first thing potential home buyers look at. Keep it clean, easily visible with some color. The home below will have a difficult time selling their home because the buyer may not be able to get in the front door. No wonder they need a security system, someone could be hiding in the brush.


Try thinking like a potential home buyer and how excited you were to purchase a house that was in move-in condition. This includes the first impression of the front landscapes. Is your home ready for a fantastic first impression?

Happy Planting!

Diana Gardner-Williams

Landscape Design and Installation


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